What is Jake Paul Doing Now?

23 July 2022

YouTube star Jake Joseph Paul (a.k.a. Jake Paul) has done everything from being an actor, rapper, online influencer, and now a professional boxer.  His acting and singing careers helped him build the wealth that gave him a new worth of $60 million. He gained notoriety for playing the title character, Dirk Mann, during two season-run of the Disney Channel television series “Bizaardvark.”

Jake started his career through the video software Vine, where he would post 9-second video skits with his brother and friends. Later, he began publishing comedic films and vlogs on social media sites like YouTube. He started working on his career in 2013.

In subsequent years, Jake Paul has become notorious for his countless scandals and issues, which have helped the YouTuber become well-known and wealthy. Even though he was fired from Disney Channel in 2017, Paul has used his provocative behavior to further his profession.

Team 10

Paul, who was 20 then, launched his infamous group of influencers called “Team 10”. He had over 8.5 million YouTube followers and recorded antics and pranks in his community, such as lighting a massive fire on his property, performing motorbike exploits on his block, and constructing a waterslide to launch individuals into his pool. More than 20 million people subscribe to witness his frequently obscene actions.

After he posted his location publicly online, fans descended in droves, and by then, inhabitants of Beverly Grove had too much of it, describing the scene as a “living nightmare” and a “battle zone.” People in his community discussed the prospect of filing a lawsuit regarding Jake being a public nuisance with police and local representatives. The business that leased the property to Jake sued him for $2.5 million.

Jake followed this up by being charged with defrauding impressionable followers. Paul’s business endeavors frequently center on the idea that education is not crucial because he became rich and renowned despite his poor academic performance. That other young person should emulate him. The song by Paul about a teacher who has received a lot of mockeries is the clearest example of this.

Because many of Paul’s YouTube videos contain violent and sexual themes, several have criticized them for being unsuitable for a younger crowd. For instance, Paul released a vlog in January 2018 about losing his virginity featuring his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell posing semi-naked. After being criticized by other YouTubers over the video’s age restriction, Paul altered the thumbnail and finally removed the vlog.

Add all the fake weddings and relationships with several female influencers, plus the looting and trespassing charges, and Jake’s career has become a circus of tabloid rumors.

There are numerous other instances of Jake receiving criticism for his actions, including using the n-word, which was eclipsed by his brother Logan Paul’s infamous video in a forest in Japan.

Even if every instance of Jake’s improper conduct is met with harsh criticism and frequent censure from other influencers, it is also quite successful. Surprisingly, he has never had a significant loss in subscribers that negatively affected his career; on the contrary, he leverages negative coverage and publicity to draw in more viewers.

So what is Jake Paul doing now?

Jake began boxing in 2018 in a friendly match against another YouTuber, KSI. A rematch was scheduled for the subsequent year after the bout, but a split decision defeated him.

In 2020, he defeated fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib by TKO in his debut match. He then started using the moniker “The Problem Child.” The same year, he had a match against Nate Robinson. In one of his proudest moments, he defeated his contender in just two rounds.

Paul engaged in three fights in 2021. In April, he defeated former MMA Champions Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley in August. Paul has contributed to introducing boxing to a broader audience through Showtime and Triller.

In August 2022, Jake will get the opportunity to demonstrate that he is not a boxing amateur. His new match will be held at Madison Square Garden against Hasim Rahman Jr., a boxer from a line of boxing champions. Rahman is an established pro boxer and has a 12-1 record. He was a last-minute replacement after Tommy Fury; the original contender was refused to enter the country.