What is Shane Mosley Doing Now?

Shane Mosley is a reputable American professional boxer who competed from 1993 to 2016. He bagged several world championships, including the WBA and WBC welterweight titles, the light middleweight titles by the Ring, and the IBF lightweight title. He also was a two-time lineal welterweight champion and light middle champion.

Mosley has had a great career run, having been considered the Fighter of the Year in 1998 and being recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000. In the same year, he was also considered the best pound-for-pound active boxer in the world by The Ring.

Retired after 24 years of boxing

The popular boxer eventually announced his retirement from the sport after 24 years of being in the game. Since then, we haven’t heard much from “Sugar” Shane Mosley. This article will tell you all about what the boxing personality has up his sleeve, what he’s currently doing, and his recent plans post-retirement.

Brief background

Born and raised in California, “Sugar” Shane Mosley started to gain interest in the sport while watching street fights where his father used to box. As early as eight years old, his father took on the role of managing and training him for his potential career in boxing.

He made his debut in the boxing industry at the age of 21 and was an amateur standout at an early age. He coveted multiple titles in his early career and was able to complete a 250-16 record. His fighting style even earned him the nickname `Sugar,” most particularly because his way of fighting is reminiscent of having Robinson-like qualities like that of Ray Leonard. This nickname eventually stuck, brandishing Mosley his own distinct place in the sport.

Though he had suffered from a string of losses, Mosley eventually made his mark in boxing, holding a total of eight minor and major titles throughout the duration of his entire career.

What is Shane Mosley Doing Now?

The former three-weight world boxing champion announced his retirement from the sport, eventually quitting on August 15, 2017. At 45, Shane Mosley still held hope for the fact that he may still have some fight left to pursue the sport, plus he still had a few additional bouts in store for him. Somehow, Mosley knew that he was still capable of boxing well into his 40s, but it was fate that gradually stepped in.

A surgery that prevented him from returning to boxing

In his situation, `fate’ presented itself as an emergency elbow surgery gone wrong which ended up putting a definite halt to his boxing career. Mosley had undergone minor arthroscopic surgery to get loose bone fragments out from his broken elbow, but it turned out for the worse when his surgeon admitted to burning his forearm accidentally. This led to a sick infection and a weeks-long antibiotic dependence.

He knew that his body was wound up and was breaking down, so he had to make the decision to finally call it quits. According to Mosley, his arm, knees, and shoulders were breaking down as if it was his body telling him that age had caught up to him. He knew that he couldn’t get into fighting again since he won’t be able to give his 100 percent anyway, which is why he had to retire for the sake of his health.

But apart from the surgery, Shane Mosley recognizes that boxing is a `young man’s game, and he is well out of his league right now to go back once again. He also said that it’s time to step aside and the younger guys to do their thing and debut in the boxing world.

Working as a trainer

That said, Mosley still stays close to the sport as he increases his workload as a trainer now. It has been Mosley’s recent preoccupation these days, working as a trainer and training his son, Shane Mosley Jr., alongside other aspiring young fighters who want to be like him. In the same way, his son is also expected to be the chief when it comes to managing his projects post-boxing.

His son, Shane Mosley Jr., is now 31 years old and is following his father’s legacy when it comes to boxing. He is currently competing in the super middle division and is still well on his way to making a name for himself within the industry. Shane Mosley, of course, remains an important pillar of support along the way for his son’s career and serves as a great mentor for younger boxers in today’s generation.