What is David Haye Doing Now?

David Haye is nicknamed “The Hayemaker” in the boxing industry. He is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of his age as he won three of the sport’s most prestigious belts and six world titles. Beyond that, Haye is also the undisputed cruiserweight champion and a former WBA heavyweight champion.

What is David Haye Doing Now?

David Haye has declared that he will not be making a total return to the boxing ring even after his brief return in 2021. In a friendly exhibition bout he had in September 2021, the ex-two-weighted world champion handily defeated his friend, Joe Fournier, by unanimous decision.

With Tyson Fury seemingly out of the picture, many fans expect him to be Haye’s next opponent following the fight.

Before the London showdown between Dillian Whyte and Tyson Fury, talkSPORT asked Haye if he had the intention of returning to the arena and recapturing his golden days. After the bout, Haye said, “The urge was in there for me at the point I truly appreciated it.” “Since then, the adrenaline has dwindled as I’ve removed my protective gear. “At the time, I’m just relishing my globe journey, jumping around and having a great time,” Hayes remarked.

Heavyweight and cruiserweight titles the same year

In line with that, did you know that only two fighters in boxing history have won the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight titles in the same year? And David Haye is one of them. He has been recognized for his tremendous level of fitness and physical conditioning: two elements that have enabled him to reach the top pinnacle of one of the most challenging sports in the world.

Haye received global notoriety when he knocked down Nikolai Valuev, who was seven stones heavier and 11 inches taller than him. David Haye is also regarded as one of the most successful and best-known ring champions of the modern era in the British boxing industry.

He won 23 out of his twenty-five professional fights. Haye has been nominated for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year as the face of world and British boxing.

Facts about David Haye

Aside from being a professional boxer and a boxing retiree, there are several interesting things about David Haye.

Haye is a Londoner who resides in the Beckenham district. Natasha became his wife and gave birth to their son Cassius in 2008. In 2016, they divorced after eight years of marriage. Haye is a fan of Millwall Football Club. ‘

In 2010, he was granted North Cypriot citizenship, which he subsequently relinquished. From 2005 until his split with coach Adam Booth, his practice facility in Ozanköy, Turkey, operated as an independent fitness club. On his shorts, he often wore flags from both the United Kingdom and Jamaica.

David Haye’s Return to the Boxing Industry

On 12 June 2018, Haye announced on his social media platforms that he was retiring from boxing. That year, he also revealed that he had spinal surgery while discussing his ups and downs during his entire career.

However, who would have thought he would return from boxing after years of being inactive from the court? In August last year, Haye claimed his return to the boxing industry. His first fight after retirement will be a bout against Joe Fournier, his businessman friend.

However, this bout will be held at the Staples Center in LA, California, as a little fight for the Vitor Belfort vs Oscar De la Hoya event. He stated on his website that before his fight against Fournier, they had dinner at Mykonos with their other friends and were asked who would win the fight.

He answered that he was not happy with what Fournier stated about being dead serious about winning the bout against him. However, he added that if he wins the fight, he would still be a satisfied retired boxer without any plan to ultimately return to the boxing industry. Aside from that, Haye also said that he is ready to prove his point and he is strong enough to outwit his billionaire friend.

Haye also jokingly said that he would gain a larger salary when he won the fight against Fournier than the amount he received from Sky Sports Box Office when he won the title against Tony Bellew in 2017.