Get Rewarded for Trying Sports

We believe everyone should do some sport for 20 minutes a day. Everyone should even get paid to do it. Yes. It would be cheaper to prevent health related issues with doing sports than actually paying for people to do sports throughout their lifetime.

Although we at MorethanSport are not in the position to pay people to start doing sports regularly, we found a great way to reward those who do.

We can now use unsold hotel rooms and package them into 4-5 night room only vacations to those who start or already do sports on a regural basis and are happy to share their progress with us.

How It Works


Find a sport you would like to try either on our local listing or anywhere else you like


Start filling in our journal with your day to day progress. The more you share, the better


Submit 3 random pages we ask you by quickly taking a photo of them and enjoy your reward