Why Do Quarterbacks Always Win MVP?

5 January 2022

The Nation Football League Most Valuable Player Award (NFL MVP) is said to be the highest individual honour in the history of football. This award is given to the player who is considered to be the most valuable player in the NFL in a regular season.

Although it seems as if most of the time the only player to win MVP is a quarterback, it might not be the case.

Some people even suggest that the MVP award is biased towards the quarterbacks as if it is a quarterback MVP race. So what is the truth?

Do quarterbacks always win MVP and is it really the quarterback MVP race?

The truth is that even though quarterbacks are by far to most favourable players by position to win MVP, they are not exclusively the only ones. In fact, out of the last 65 winners of MVP since 1957, only 46 have been quarterbacks. Yes, this number is very high but it does not mean only quarterbacks win MVP.

What other position has got MVPs?

Out of the remaining 19 times, only once could there was 1 defensive tackle, 1 linebacker and 1 placekicker who was chosen MVPs. Other than them only running backs were given the title of MVP.

What makes a quarterback so worthy?

Football has always been a game that revolves around quarterbacks. The position of quarterback is said to be the most essential position in the game.

If a quarterback has good skills and he is fast enough, he can turn the game upside down at any moment. Because the quarterback is such an important position of the game that practically controls the entire position of the team, quarterbacks naturally become the centre of the whole game.

If a quarterback is good, then the team is going to perform well but if the quarterback is extraordinary, then the team is surely going to perform beyond expectations.

Watch the video below to see them in action and decide for yourself if they deserve the hype after all.


Work of a quarterback

The quarterback holds the most glorified position in the game. The players, the audience, and everyone has eyes on him and his moves. This makes the work of the quarterback highly difficult and stressful.

The work of the quarterback is to take the ball from the centre and hand it over to one of the players or throw a pass depending on the position of the players and the strategy of the coach. The team heavily relies on what a quarterback does, from planning the offence to scoring a goal, everything depends on how good a quarterback is going to play.

The quarterback is considered to be the leader of the offence. He calls the players in huddles and he also touches the ball in almost every offensive play. Only a leader can lead a team towards victory and that is what a quarterback does. He leads his team, so he needs to be everything he can.

Why do people think the award is unfair?

Since most of the time, it is a quarterback who ends up winning MVP, some people think that it is an MVP quarterback race and it is unfair that other players don’t get the proper opportunity to showcase their talents and even if they do, they are never even considered for an MVP.

As we talked about before, the reason for quarterbacks winning most of the MVP awards is quite clear. Since quarterbacks are also called quarterback MVPs. It may sound unfair to some players, and perhaps some of them even deserve to win the award, but the value of quarterbacks in football has always been so much higher than any other play in the game that it almost feels we are not comparing apples to apples.

Some people think the award should be altered in a way that benefits other positions as well. One idea is to create a distinct category such as Quarterback of the year so that MVP titles could be given to other players of different positions.

Either way, it is very difficult to imagine such a huge reform being introduced and even that will not entirely satisfy every NFL fan.

The image of a team

Quarterbacks are said to represent the image of their team. If a quarterback is a really good player then the team automatically gains an advantage even before the game starts. This lays an impact on the image directly. So if a quarterback is not good enough, the image of the team also decreases. This factor also plays a very important role in the MVP award.