Do Quarterbacks Need To Be Fast?

5 January 2022

Football is a game of passion. Every player in the team works hard to win a game, but the most important player in the team is the quarterback. There is no doubt that the position of quarterback is the most influential position in the game.

Only a quarterback can touch the ball on every offensive snap and turn the game upside down. Therefore, a quarterback is usually the best player in the team which means that he has to be the most physically fit person in the group.

Quarterbacks can change the phase of the game, this position can give a comeback to a losing team or hand over a winning match.

It must be very obvious by now how good a player has to be to deserve the position of a quarterback.

Quarterbacks’ speed is always an important point in the game. Since the work of the quarterback is usually the most important one, how fast he should matter the most.

Is speed important for a quarterback?

So the answer to the question,’ do quarterbacks need to be fast’ is yes, in fact, most quarterbacks are faster than ninety per cent of people.

The quarterback’s position is the most influential position in the game and if the player holding that position isn’t fast enough, it can make a team very vulnerable. The work of a quarterback is to lead the offence. How can a player lead an entire team if he himself is not fast enough?

Quarterbacks touch the ball in offensive snaps which means that they will be involved in one way or another when it comes to scoring a goal.

The quarterback always throws most of the forward passes in the offensive play, which means that if he is not fast enough then the team won’t even get a chance to score.

Winning and losing in football has a lot to do with the skills of their quarterback, which includes being faster than others.

Duties of a quarterback

A quarterback has to work the hardest in the team to ensure victory, anyone else can relax a bit and maybe it does not affect the team at all, but a quarterback can not afford that luxury.

He always has to be ready and be in a position to handle the game, he can not miss or relax, otherwise the chances of victory decrease.

 Quarterback is said to be the most glorified position in the game. Whatever a quarterback does while the team is playing offence or defence, it directly influences the game.

There is no position in the game that can dictate the results at such an extraordinary level other than the quarterback’s position. If a quarterback’s speed is slow that means that the entire team will play slow and if a quarterback is fast enough then the team will have chances to win and score.

Everything a quarterback does in the game matters, sometimes the entire game revolves around the quarterback. This can tell you how important a quarterback’s speed must be.

How does a quarterback operate

When the offensive play starts, usually the quarterback calls the entire team to form of huddle where coaches decide which position the players will hold and what to do when the game start.

When the game starts the quarterback takes the ball from the centre and then hands it over to one of the players or throws a pass depending on where the player is standing and what is the strategy.

The team heavily relies on what a quarterback does, from passing the ball to planning the strategy, everything depends on him.

Usually, the coaches decide what will be the strategy of the game, so a quarterback has to be ready to take any action which requires speed and agility so that he can adapt to any strategy.

The faster quarterback can throw, the faster he can run, and the faster he can assist in making a game more impactful.


The strategy is only going to work if the quarterback makes no mistake and does everything as fast as he possibly can, anyone else can be a little slower but the quarterback has to always be the fastest one in the game for a team to win.

So yes, it is very important that a quarterback is fast enough including other skills too, so that he can manage and guide a team towards victory.

A team can not afford a slower quarterback because that would mean, the team is slower, which would mean that the chances of striking a goal and winning are less, and no team wants that result.