Why Are NFL Quarterbacks So Important?

Just imagine a kitchen without its chef. It will not matter even if you have the right tools and ingredients. Without the chef, anything cannot be used to its fullest potential.

Similarly, a team without a solid quarterback (QB) will be lost as well. Playing as a QB requires one to play in a position that comes with more demand, pressure, and expectations.

Image by Mike Morbeckderivative: Diddykong1130, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The position of QB is important as one playing this position is the face of the franchise and his performance will ultimately determine how good or bad his team is going to be during any particular season. 

Next, we will elaborate on this and explain to you why NFL quarterbacks are so important for the team. So, read on to know more.


Unlike other types of sports, in NFL the execution of the QB reflects on the execution of the final score. Rarely, there will be a game where the team had a good day even when the QB did not execute the game properly.

The execution of the QB is important to get the desired outcome for the whole team. Like no other position, the passer’s choices lead the offensive side of the game, the one that leads to scoring points for the team. QBs are the key to wins and of course, championships.


You might be familiar with the fact that in an NFL game there is 1 coach, 2-3 coordinators, 6 captains/team, and several assistants. However, the real leader happens to be the quarterback.

He is responsible for reading the opponents’ defense and coming up with a gameplay that will work to his team’s advantage. His decisions happen to impact time management and game development.

He is responsible for synchronizing with his receivers, making fake-pass as credible and long as possible, aiming when throwing, and even sometimes participating in blocks. A QB is responsible for many aspects of the game and is thus considered an important position as he brings life to the game.


A QB is not just responsible for his own gameplay. He has to know the responsibilities of every player out on the field playing by his side.

Whether it is option routes and hot reads from the receivers or tight ends, blocking assignments for the offensive lineman and running backs, defensive tendencies, and keys, QBs need to hold their teammates accountable.

Only when a QB is in tune with what each player is supposed to be doing, then he can perform his job well which will positively impact the gameplay and help the team to get the desired result.

Mental Acuity

In order to be a successful quarterback, one needs to be focused and sharp. A solid QB has to intensely devote themself to the mental side of the game. Then only he can be an asset to the team and help in bringing wins and championships?

There are many things a QB is responsible for in the field. If his mental acuity is not up to the mark then he will not be able to perform his tasks effectively and accurately. It is the job of the talent evaluators to get an accurate reading during the pre-draft process to find this most important skill in a QB.

Finding a QB with excellent mental acuity is a must as it can do wonders for the team.

The Media

Another reason why QBs are important in NFL games is because of the fact that they are usually front and center for the team, expressing the team’s views to the media.

The media plays a huge role and a team needs someone who can speak in a way that cannot be turned or twisted and taken out of context.

You need someone who can help the team to stay away from misspeaks and controversy. Thus, QB is in an important position as they are in charge of handling the media. A solid QB will sound confident but respectful. He will be politically correct without being boring or frustrated.

There you have it; these were some reasons why a quarterback is important for the team he is playing for. The QB is the heart and soul of the team and his big decisions during the gameplay can bring changes so that the odds are in the team’s favor.

If the QB is not good enough to get the ball to the wide receivers, then they will not be able to catch the ball and work their magic. To manage the game better, a team does require a good QB and this is the reason why they are so important.