What is Vladimir Guerrero Doing Now?

Not much is known outside of Guerrero’s current post-baseball life. After all, Guerrero is known for declining the majority of his interviews.

Such reason is why he’s likely referred to as the Most Anonymous Superstar in Sports. Moreover, ever since he was young, he was so quiet that he was also given the nickname “El Mudo,” which translates to “The Mute” in English.

Guerrero formalized his retirement last 2014 after signing a contract that lasted only a day with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Vladimir Guerrero retired from his baseball career as an Angel with a total net worth of $60 million. He stated that his reason for retiring was that he wanted to focus on spending more time with his loved ones. In addition, he also stated that his surgeries on his right knee also contributed to this decision.

Guerrero anecdotes

You could definitely say that Guerrero is the true embodiment of the rags to riches story. Born in the Dominican Republic’s poverty-stricken areas, he grew up without access to clean water and electricity. He also retells his story of how he had to share two beddings and whatever food they had with the rest of his six family members.

One day, while training at the Dodgers Training Grounds, he managed to get everyone’s attention with his hitting skills. This was all thanks to his tall build and powerful arms. Considering that, it’s no surprise why Guerrero is also known as a “bad-ball hitter” throughout his professional baseball career.

So, from his humble beginnings, Guerrero has earned many achievements as a seasoned baseball player, earning him his well-deserved fame and wealth.

Who is Vladimir Guerrero?

Vladimir Guerrero is a Dominican-born baseball player who formerly played for several baseball teams in his baseball career.

These teams included the Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles. Besides being known as a “bad-ball hitter,” Guerrero was also given the moniker “Vlad the Impaler” due to his powerful hitting capabilities against other teams.

He has participated in sixteen seasons in the Major League of Baseball. He primarily played defense in the right field and was also a designated hitter. His career highlights include him becoming a nine-time All-Stars player and an eight-time recipient of the Silver Slugger Award. Aside from those notable achievements, Guerrero also earned the AL MVP title in 2004.

Furthermore, Guerrero’s assertive playstyle landed him over thirty home runs per season during the eight seasons he participated in. He also had more than one hundred runs batted in ten times, despite having only two seasons with a minimum of sixty-five walks.

And out of his 2,147 baseball games done during sixteen seasons, Guerrero had a batting average of .318, an on-base average of .379, and a slugging percentage of .553.

Due to his impressive skills, he was also remarked as an all-around player in the world of baseball. He also became the Dominican player with the most hits in September 2011.

And in 2006, Guerrero became part of the Dominican Republic’s team lineup for the World Baseball Classic. However, Guerrero had to exit the lineup after his three cousins died from a car accident just before their game officially started.

With all of that said, you must be wondering what Vladimir Guerrero is doing now after retiring from baseball. So, where is the Dominican-born baseball player now? Furthermore, what is the bad-ball hitter up to nowadays?

Vladimir Guerrero’s Life After Retiring from His Professional Baseball Career

After formalizing his retirement, Guerrero was just short of 51 home runs from hitting 500. In one of his interviews, Guerrero mentioned that he wanted to hit 500 home runs before his retirement. But three years after his retirement, Guerrero and three other former baseball players earned eligibility to become part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Guerrero became eligible to become part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame due to his last participating game being held in 2011.

Finally, on January 29, 2018, Guerrero officially became part of the said Hall. He became the first-ever member to be shown wearing an Angels cap. This is despite participating in more games and seasons as a player for the Montreal Expos.

Currently, Guerrero is very supportive of his son, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who followed in his footsteps in becoming a professional baseball player. In a tweet posted by him on July 2, 2021, Guerrero congratulated his son for becoming the youngest player to lead the Major League of Baseball’s All-Star Voting.