What is Frank Thomas Doing Now? Former Athlete + Now Mogul

Where Frank Thomas is Now + His Fruitful Career Post MLB

Thomas retired in 2008 and since then has been working on multiple projects. He is an MLB Studio Analyst for Fox Sports. He began the position in 2014 and has been with the network ever since.

However, being a sports analyst is not the only passion Big Hurt has. He is an entrepreneur. He started his own beer company called Big Hurt Beer and the Big Hurt Brewhouse. He also partakes in sponsorship deals, as he is the face of Nugenix, a supplement company.


This mogul has dipped his toes into many different industries, including investments. However, his most recent investment is unlike any other. Thomas, along with his business partners, have subsequently purchased controlling power in the “Field of Dreams” movie set located in Dyersville, Iowa.

He has exciting plans for this former movie site, specifically to lead it into its “next era.” During a press conference in late September 2021, Thomas called the field “magical.” Even the local politicians and leaders in Dyersville approve of the venture.

Thomas plans to expand the site’s potential by creating softball fields and youth baseball fields next to the famous site. The goal of this venture is to create a happy and enjoyable place for children, teens, and young adults to enjoy.

Former MLB GM Dan Evans will be working with Thomas on this project and the pair have grand plans for the site. Evans noted that each person will come to the Dyersville field for different reasons, yet the common thread is an enjoyable and fun experience.

The duo is looking to spread positivity and create opportunities for the youth, especially those interested in baseball.

Sport analyst

Frank Thomas’s hard work and dedication to MLB, his contributions as a sports analyst, and multiple ventures and endorsements have allowed him to amass a high net worth of $40 million.

As mentioned above, Thomas is currently a studio analyst with FOX sports. He can be seen on television for the show “MLB WHIPAROUND,” broadcasted by FOX’s pregame/postgame shows.

He also contributes to All-Star Games and World Series. As if these roles in live television aren’t impressive enough, Thomas helped the show win two consecutive Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Studio Show.

Respected and accomplished MLB player Frank Thomas, also nicknamed “the Big Hurt,” has made a name for himself in the sport, business, and entertainment industry.

Some history of him

Not only did he play for three different teams spanning from 1990 to 2008, but he also spent his final three years in MLB with the Chicago White Sox. With 521 home runs, his baseball career has been very successful.

He was a force to be reckoned with on the field and is a respected mogul nowadays on the business side. Born in Columbus, GA., his gifts and size were undeniable from an early age. The Big Hurt got his name from the “hurt” he put on the sport and his big stature at 6’5″ and 275 lbs.

While most know him for his incredible power-hitting abilities in MLB, he wasn’t always focused on baseball. His first scholarship was for Auburn University’s Football Team. Thomas has been a very important part of the baseball industry. He has been MVP twice and spent a total of 19 years in the major league.

Thomas has also lent his natural talent to multiple MLB teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, and Chicago White Sox. This is just one reason why his 2014 induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame was well-deserved.

The baseball industry greatly reveres Hall of Famer Frank Thomas and all he has accomplished. With that being said, what has the mogul been up to since retirement in 2008? Let’s take a deep dive into what Frank Thomas is doing now.


With all the amazing accolades and accomplishments of this former MLB player, mogul, entrepreneur, and TV personality, Frank Thomas still focuses on his wife and children.

He is happily married to his wife Megan Thomas. Together, they have three children: Chase Edward, Ashleigh Kate, and Frank Thomas III. He also has three children from his first marriage: Sterling Edward, Sydney Blake, and Sloan Alexandra. The number “35” represents his time with the Chicago White Sox and is admired by fans all over the country.