What is Reggie Miller doing now?

6 April 2022

Even the brightest stars fade and move away from the spotlight, especially when their time has come. The same can be said for those who are famous in any field; may it be in Politics, Business, and even Sports.

When you spend your life building the lifestyle that you want while nurturing your passion and gift, this leaves little space to worry about the future. After one’s abundant and thriving career, do you ever wonder what they’ll do next?

One of the fields that have the brightest stars in sports, especially basketball. With that said, here’s a short introduction of the person whom we’ll talk about in this article. In the world of basketball, the name Reggie Miller will always ring a bell.

As Indiana Pacers shooting guard for 18 years, he had the reputation of being an accurate three-point shooter and earned his legacy which is being NBA’s greatest long-range shooter. The time came and he had to retire and end his basketball career, but his name will always be well-known.

What is Reggie Miller Doing Now?

People come and go, but basketball stars like him will never be forgotten. Despite being out of the spotlight for a long time now, people are still curious as to how his life is now.

After his retirement, Reggie Miller pursued the world of entertainment. He now works as an NBA commentator and analyst and took part in a number of productions such as The Dan Patrick Show, Beautiful Ohio, and even landed voice acting opportunities.

Aside from that, he also worked as a cameraman and producer in a few shows. Because his love for sports will never fade, Reggie Miller has also decided to pursue a business career in making jerseys and allotting the proceeds to various organizations such as Equal Justice Initiative.

Of course, to end this article here’s an assurance that the fire for basketball will always be with him; from time to time, he consults and serves as an adviser for the Indiana Pacers until now. After all, this is where he offered about a quarter of his life.

A Brief Background on Reggie Miller

Before talking about his life after retirement, it’s important to get to know who Reggie Miller is, as well as a few milestones in his life. Reggie Miller was born on Aug 24, 1965, in California, particularly in Riverdale. Here’s a fun fact that’s already obvious: Reggie was born into an athletic family.

No wonder, right? One thing that you might not know about him is that when he was born, he had hip deformities, making him incapable of walking properly or at all. Fortunately, this was corrected by wearing braces on his legs for quite some time.

Now that his legs are up and running, he discovered a love for sports, particularly basketball. This was nurtured and honed through his sister, who is also a competitive basketball player. Years passed by and Reggie graduated from the University of California.

Looking back, his college years were filled with basketball adventures, and one of the most notable ones was when we won the NIT Championship for his team. Now that college was done, he then tried his luck at the NBA drafts which was the kick-off for his career.

Reggie Miller’s Basketball Career

Sometimes you succeed through luck and money, but for gifted people like Reggie, you succeed because of your hard work and talent. In the year 1987, he played for the Indiana Pacers under the number 31.

This was a milestone for him as a shooting guard backup, which paved the way for his skills to be seen by the crowd. Reggie then made history in 1992 when he set an unbeatable record of 57 points in one game.

Throughout the years, he had made many achievements, brought undefeatable records to the Indiana Pacers, and became well-known in the world of basketball. After playing 1,389 games in total with 2,560 3-pointers and 25,279 points in his 18-year career, he played his last game in 2005.

After the legacy and history that he made, retirement life has been a fruitful one for him. So, how was life after retirement for Reggie Miller?