What is Vic Seixas doing now?

11 June 2022

Seixas is the oldest known men’s Grand Slam winner, at the age of 95. Vic’s character has often been defined by his ability to last. He participated until he was over 50 years old, and he did so in the United States.

Vic taught tennis and competed on the court until he was 75 years old, after retirement with 15 major titles. Seixas competed in an age when medals were given out instead of money, and travel expenditures to competitions were minimal. Vic’s period teams performed for the passion for the sport and were essential in laying the groundwork for pro tennis as we know it today.

Vic is the oldest living Grand Slam winner in tennis. Well, he said that he’d rather be the youngest! He joked when questioned about this unusual distinction on his 95th birthday.

Vic is Struggling with his Health

Vic Seixas, a cornerstone of the game and a Hall of Fame star, is currently needing financial assistance due to rising healthcare costs associated with age. Any donation will be gratefully appreciated and put to good use. Thank you for your assistance to this Hall of Famer. The World War II veteran, former Wimbledon, and US Open winner is 95 years old and lives in Northern California.

Vic is facing rising medical bills, and his many tennis close associates are teaming together to gather funds to cover healthcare and other high-cost medical needs.

Personal Narration

Elias Victor Seixas, Jr. was born on August 30, 1923, and is a retired tennis player from the United States. Vic is of Portuguese Sephardi Jewish origin and was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He went to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) after serving in WWII and was a participant in the Chi Psi fraternity Alpha Sigma. He earned the Patterson Medal in sports that year he graduated from UNC.

Between 1942-1966, he was placed in the Top Ten in the United States thirteen times. He was ranked #4 worldwide in 1951, two spots behind Dick Savitt, and #1 in the United States, one slot above Savitt. Seixas reached its peak in 1953 when he was placed third in the world.

After tennis retirement

Vic’s attitude has always emphasized longevity: he professionally played until he was over 50 years old and competed in the United States Championships at Forest Hills, a staggering 28 times from 1940 to 1969, capturing titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Vic’s performance was fueled more by his unwavering dedication than anything else, albeit he did have an advantage in the net.

Vic taught tennis and competed on the court until he was 75 years old after retiring with 15 major titles. Seixas worked as a stockbroker from the late ’50s to the early ’70s. He served as a tennis director at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and at a Hilton Hotel in New Orleans.

In 1989, he relocated to Mill Valley, Calif, to live. And founded the Harbor Point Racquet and Beach Club in Mill Valley (Marin County), currently known as The Club at Harbor Point, including a tennis curriculum. He opted to be a bartender at Harbor Point in 1998 after his knees prevented him from playing tennis. After numerous years of bartending and assisting at the club’s front desk, he retired.

The world’s oldest living Grand Slam singles champion

Vic is the world’s oldest living Grand Slam singles champion and the Tennis Hall of Fame’s oldest living member. Seixas, who occasionally earns a little income as a brand ambassador for the World Tennis Hall of Fame, hasn’t saved much throughout the years.

His numerous friendships with other excellent players of his time and the incredible memories of his profession are what he has the most. Almost every match Seixas competed in was spectacular, thrilling, and taxing due to his battling, gambling techniques, and vibrant court persona. You participated in it with him. In short, he put so much heart and soul into his play that, even though he wasn’t a true first-rank player, he came close to having the color and stature of one.

Besides his groundstrokes, Vic Seixas’ main flaw has been his passion for the game, which could be his downfall. If he’s required again in December, he might not be able to say goodbye one more time.