What is Chris Evert Doing Now?

11 June 2022

Chris Evert is one of the female tennis players who has gone down in history books as a legend. She dominated the tennis scene in the mid and late 1970s alongside her sister Jeanne. After she retired from the court, she became a television commentator and served at some point as the Women’s Tennis Association president. While some people might have forgotten about her and her accolades, some would still like to know what she has been up to. Here is everything you need to know about what Chris evert is doing now.

Chris Evert on losing a sister to cancer

In February 2020. Chris lost her sister, Jeanne Evert Dublin, to ovarian cancer. Jeanne was 62 at the time. Since cancer is known to be genetic, it was advised that Chris undergoes screening to see if she, too, had the gene that could cause cancer. Her test results showed she had the BRCA1 gene, which had her going in for a preventive hysterectomy.


Even though the cancer was caught at stage 1, Chris still needs to go through chemotherapy. So far, the test is done after the hysterectomy showed that she had no traces of cancer in her body anymore. Despite this, she still needs to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy to ensure that all the cancer cells are killed.

How is Chris Evert Taking in the news of her cancer diagnosis?

Even though Chris is scheduled to go for chemotherapy, the news of cancer scared her. When her sister was diagnosed with cancer, Chris was there with her. She saw how her sister fought through the treatments, and despite the courage Jeanne had, Chris is still frightened of going through treatment herself. In various interviews, Chris has said she is glad they caught cancer early. She is, however, quick to point out that the uncertainty of what outcome she will get still scares her. She hopes she can get through everything gracefully and with no major setbacks.

Taking a break from work

To help her concentrate on her treatment, Chris has decided to take a break from work and focus on her treatment. She knows it will not be an easy journey, hence the decision to step away from work. Chris hopes that she will sail through her treatments without a major hiccup. Since there are no other complications, doctors do not anticipate having issues with her treatments.

Going public with the news

Chris has been at the forefront of various campaigns and has contributed to helping addicts to get help and get clean. In sharing her diagnosis, she hopes that she can inspire other people out there that a diagnosis is not the end of everything. She also hopes to show everyone that there is no right or wrong person to get cancer.

Chris and her sister were some of the fittest people around, and even then, they still got cancer. A healthy lifestyle will in no way prevent you from getting sick. Chris’s main message is people should listen to their bodies more and get checked out regularly. Her speedy check-up has ensured that the cancer was caught before it spread.

The conversation around cancer

Even as Chris goes through her treatment, she is still hopeful that this would be a great time to educate the public on matters of cancer. She has always been a great believer in telling your own story when it comes to owning your story, and that is something she keeps doing to date. She believes that by doing that, she can inspire more people to get checked out and treated, which will reduce the rate of cancer deaths.

Chris Evert will remain an icon that most people look up to on the tennis field. Despite her diagnosis, fans are hopeful that she will make a speedy recovery and be back to doing the good work she has been doing with addicts. Since the cancer was caught at stage 1, chemotherapy will ensure that all the cancer cells are killed, and all she has to do is hope that it will not recur again. Even with this possibility, Chris is hopeful she will make a speedy recovery and be back on her feet in no time.