Latest News on Ronaldinho’s Life and Marriage

15 July 2022

Did Ronaldinho Remarry?

When it comes to soccer, Ronaldinho stands out on the field. With his dribbling skills and overhead kicks, Ronaldinho has been recognized as one of the best football players in the world. It goes without saying that he made the Brazilian football team a formidable contender on the international field.

But, Ronaldinho’s life has been the talk of the town for many years now. There are issues and speculations, particularly concerning his life and marriage.

In May 2018, he made headlines as he planned to marry two women at once after living together with them for a long time. News has reported that Ronaldinho vowed to marry Priscilla Coelho and Beatrice Souza at the same time. The three of them have been living together in Ronaldinho’s million-dollar mansion.

However, he quickly denied the issue of him marrying two fiancées in a private wedding ceremony. He replied that this news was the biggest lie about his life and love life.

So did Ronaldinho marry any of them? Well, the simple answer to this question is: we are not sure.

In 2005, he was reported to have a son with the Brazilian dancer, Janaina Mendes. This does not confirm if he remarried or found someone whom he vowed to marry.

Recently, Ronaldinho is focused to advertise his brand and create a film that builds him an image as the happiest man on earth. Indeed, it is clear as day that his marriage is not his top priority at this moment. Ronaldinho`s life has been overshadowed by his detainment in Paraguay and bankruptcy in Brazil.

How Many Wives Did Ronaldinho Have?

News broke out about Ronaldinho’s two wives: Beatrice Souza and Priscilla Coelho. Hailing from Belo Horizonte, which is the north of Rio de Janeiro, these two women have been part of Ronaldinho’s life. It was reported that he started seeing Beatriz in 2016 but has already dated Priscilla years before.

It is said that Ronaldinho supports both women with a monthly allowance. Also, the three of them are rumored to stay in the football player’s luxurious mansion. Some even added that he loves to buy the same perfume for his two fiancées. Columnists have even speculated that a private wedding ceremony at Santa Monica will take place.

However, Ronaldinho’s sister had been against his brother’s decision to take a life in a polygamous relationship. This says so much about the star’s marriage life that is in the constant eye of speculation and rumors from the public.

Where is Ronaldinho Now?

After his imprisonment and detainment, Ronaldinho has able to turn his life around. Now, he is set to take his football career to even greater heights. Since he left prison, it was reported that the football legend has been earning more than five million Brazilian reals.

Ronaldinho also launched his own brand of gin which he included in his music video. It seems that the only way for this star is nothing but up. He was able to sign a deal advertising a campaign for a travel company called, Buser. He was also featured in various e-sports magazines where he was able to share his techniques and skills in playing football. Consequently, he is still recognized as Brazil’s ambassador despite the issues overshadowing his football career.

He enjoys playing futsal with his friends and a couple of high-profile freestyle footballers which is no doubt a very good thing for the sport as fans can not stop watching his magic and are all glad they can still watch him play.