What is Sugar Ray Leonard doing now?

23 July 2022

Sugar Ray Leonard is a world-renowned boxing icon back in the days. After 25 years of a career inside the boxing ring, some of us probably wondering how is the life of one and only Sugar Ray Leonard doing now? Did he regret stepping out of the ring? Does he step into a different career? A musician? A househusband? More importantly, is he planning to come back from his legacy?

Boxing Career

Early in his reign, the “Sugar Ray” Robinson, the undisputed pound-for-pound champion, acknowledged him as a legitimate contender. Leonard had become a well-known figure following his triumph in the Olympic Games held in Montreal, Canada, in 1976 and was awarded the gold medalist. His stardom inside the boxing ring ended when his fight with Hector Camacho in 1997 defeated him within five rounds. This Is supposed to be Ray Leonard’s comeback within the spotlight but, unfortunately, led to quitting his career for good. He retired after the fight with 36 wins (25 by knockout), three losses, and one draw.

What is Sugar Ray Leonard doing now?

During his 20 years of stardom inside the ring, Leonard fought in some of the most legendary bouts in the history of boxing. Sugar became the first boxing fighter to achieve five global championship triumphs. Furthermore, Sugar Ray Leonard is the founder of the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation. This foundation, established around 2009, supports groundbreaking studies about childhood diabetes and works to instill good behaviors in young people. Ray Leonard is a constant online, with approximately 2 million followers on his Facebook and Instagram accounts and frequent uploads displaying exercises and supporting charitable auctions. His Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation was established to battle both types

1 and 2 Diabetes. Leonard, now 65 years old and still fit, remains active through his charity and his role as a spokesmodel of the brand Skechers, a company for which he has two new ads premiering this autumn.

2022 Net Worth

Though his career as one of the greatest boxers of his time, he earns a considerable amount in every fight. According to some sources, in 2022, Sugar Ray Leonard’s net worth is reported to reach the amount of 120 million dollars. Because of his outstanding accomplishments and contribution to the boxing industry, many amateur boxers of today’s generation look up to him as an inspiration to set their footing up in the boxing field.

The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation

Sugar Ray Leonard, a former fighting superstar, a six-time global champion, and his wife Bernadette launched the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation around 2009. The Sugar Ray Leonard

Foundation’s mission is to assist every single child to live a much better life via food and healthy exercise, as well as to raise money for studies and research into type 1 and type 2 diabetes among youth.

Leonard’s father and several of his close friends have been dealing with the devastating effects of deadly diabetes during his whole profession as a boxer. Not only do kids get type 1 diabetes, but grownups may have it too. Insulin injections or pumps may be required for the rest of a person’s life after a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, and the disease may develop rapidly and have fatal consequences. Childhood obesity is a significant contributor to the rising prevalence of diabetes among young people. Leonard uses his life story and athletic history as an example of why investing in studies is essential to tackle the illness.

If you are interested in investing and raising funds for The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation to contribute to the research finding the best possible solution for Type 1 and 2 diabetes, kindly contact Jennifer Lenardson.


Sugar Ray Leonard rose to prominence by competing as one of history’s best boxers and athletes in unusual periods. The legend’s humble beginnings in a town’s worst neighborhood catalyzed his heroic achievements. With lightning-fast movement and fantastic skills, “Sugar” is indeed the ideal combatant for his size category. His great natural charm and accomplishments mean he continues to provide hope to millions of people who are having a terrible time achieving their dreams.