What Is George Foreman Doing Now?

23 July 2022

George Foreman was known to be a great boxer during the 1970s since he beat Joe Frazer and Ken Norton in an iconic boxing match. Most people today know George Foreman as a TV personality featured in a reality-travel show.

Born in Marshall, Texas, his professional career grew in different parts of the USA and the world. He won a three-round knockout boxing game in New York, a rematch in California with Peralta, Sunshine Showdown in Jamaica, and a boxing game in Tokyo where he finished the fight in only two rounds.

Foreman retired for good in 1997 at the age of 48 and was recognized as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time by the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Today, George Foreman became a ringside analyst, entrepreneur, and reverend.

After his four marriages, he is now living with his fifth wife, Mary Joan Martelly. He now also has a daughter who is on the professional boxing scene and has won a match with a knockout.

George Foreman Grill

After his retirement, Salton Inc. made him a spokesperson for a fat-reducing grill that has sold over 100 million units. George Foreman has earned a lot on this endorsement more than how much he has earned in boxing. With his popularity, George Foreman Grills are still sold in the market today since 1994.

He also helped Meineke Car Care Centers grow their business which had more than 1000 franchises because of his talent in salesmanship.

George Foreman’s talent in marketing and promotion has helped him launch and grow his business ventures. He has successfully created products for cleaning, personal care under his name, prescription shoes for people with diabetes, and UFood Grille. He continues to create businesses that can help the lives of people.

George Foreman As a Reverend

Since 1980, George Foreman has been preaching at The Church of Lord Jesus Christ. He chose to retire to spread the word of God to the people in his church.

During the late 1970s, he has a 30-minute radio time that airs in Houston. He used this as his means of preaching over the radio. He also did lead bible studies for some of his friends.

Though he did not intend to build a church, big crowds started to attend his preachings which once started as informal meetings at his friends’ houses. Aside from regular preaching, he also did charitable works and built an athletic center for children.

His athletic center has locker rooms, cardio machines, a workout area exclusive for women, weights, a basketball court, two boxing rings, and several punching bags. All youth can use these facilities with a low annual fee based on age.


Now that he is out of the ring, he established partnerships with different companies for his business ventures and charitable works. He partnered with Inventhelp, a company from Pennsylvania that helps inventors of new products make it to large companies.

He also partnered with LMCA, George Foreman’s licensing agency, to find partners for his brand.

His Knockout Formula from Real Time Pain Relief has also helped American people to soothe their arthritis, sprains, back pains, cramps, and muscle strains. He partnered with the brand to formulate pain relieving creams that can be a medicine staple for every American household.


After his retirement, he appeared on several episodes of tv programs. These include George, King Of The Hill, and Fast and Loud. He was also featured in CNN’s Talk Asia, Sports Extra, and American Legion.

George Foreman still maintains his active lifestyle and still trains continuously since he believes that his life is built on exercise. Though he avoided lifting when he was just starting his boxing career, he now does it in his home gym along with a treadmill, stationary bikes, and other workout equipment.

He also collaborated with different people in creating cookbooks that are specifically focused on healthy diets. Aside from cookbooks, he also authored several self-help books and autobiographies such as God In My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir, Let George Do It!, George Foreman’s Guide To Life: How To Get Up Off The Canvas When Life Knocks You, and By George: The Autobiography of George Foreman.