What is Roy Jones Jr. Doing Now?

23 July 2022

Roy Jones Jr. was a great American boxer who made history by winning four world titles in four different categories: light heavyweight, midleweight, super middleweight and heavyweight

Jones Jr. is also notable for being the only boxer in history to start his sports career as a super welterweight and then triumph as world heavyweight champion. His sporting career began in 1989 and ended in 2018, enshrining him as a boxing legend. Many people remember him for his sporting talent, but currently, the question arises as to what is Roy Jones Jr. doing now. The sports great is currently dabbling in acting, music and also works as a sports commentator. Jones Jr. has managed to lead a successful life, after having been an extraordinary boxer.


New horizons

Roy Jones Jr. faced a new professional life after having been an outstanding boxer. The athlete has ventured into acting, advertising, music, training, boxing promotion,sports journalism and sports commentator . The Florida native enjoys great fame all over the world, especially in Russia. He carries out numerous advertising activities in that country, for which he applied for Russian citizenship to facilitate work procedures. Jones Jr. holds U.S. and Russian citizenship, in addition to working in several countries in promotional activities. It should be noted that Jones is an attractive media figure for the public. The athlete is an interesting man and refers to himself in the third person when he speaks.


Jones Jr. has been an extraordinary boxer and logically has an impeccable physical condition. The athlete has been called to work as an actor in several movies, in which he plays himself or plays other roles. He has worked in major film productions such as Matrix Reloaded, Creed II, Matrix Revoltutions, The Fighter, Universal Soldier IV , The Devil’s Advocate and the documentary Making Enter The Matrix.

Although Jones does not consider himself a professional actor, the experience of acting has left him with great personal satisfaction.


Jones Jr. has successfully ventured into music through the rap genre, a style in which the athlete feels comfortable. Jones began working in music in 2002 and after his retirement as a boxer in 2018 he was able to devote more time to that activity. His first album was released in 2002 and was called “Round One: The Album”. The song “That Was Then” was a huge commercial success and also remained at the top of the music charts for several weeks. As he has evolved in music, Jones Jr. has worked with very talented singers such as Lil’ Flip, B.G., Mike Jones and Petey Pablo, among others. It is worth noting that the athlete has sold many records, as his musical style has been liked all over the world.

Jones Jr. owns the independent record label Body Head, on which several blues, rap and gospel artists have recorded.

A multifaceted man

While Jones Jr. triumphed in boxing, he realized that he also had talent beyond the sport. The athlete participated in numerous television series to play himself, as he is an attractive media personality. Jones was a Nike model and has also participated in numerous exclusive events where they paid him a lot of money. Due to his charisma, the successful HBO network hired him as a sports commentator. Jones Jr.’s opinions are listened to attentively by everyone and sometimes he has participated in various controversies.

The athlete has proven to be an open-minded man with an enthusiastic spirit. Jones Jr. has explored a variety of professional activities and has always felt at ease in new areas.

A family man

After retiring from boxing, Jones Jr. had more time to devote to his wife and three children. Although the athlete is a busy man, he always finds time to spend with his family. The Florida native is married to Natlyn, a former attorney who left her professional career to focus on her family. Natlyn and Jones Jr. are the parents of three sons, Roy III, DeShaun, and DeAndre. She is a fitness lover and owns a successful women’s gym, She Warrior, which has been in operation since 2019.

When asked what is Roy Jones Jr. doing now, it can be answered that he is pursuing activities that encompass boxing promotion, music, acting, and family life.