What is Tony Bellew Doing Now?

23 July 2022

Anthony Lewis Bellew, an English retired pro boxer who fought from 2007-2018, now works as a boxing analyst and pundit. He was born on November 30, 1982. Tony Bellew, an ex-boxer, has become a thin, mean machine due to rigorous training and nutrition, and comeback rumors are already circulating on social media.

The former world champion boxer has had his share of challenging opponents, although his current task-ensuring that Liverpool’s youth choose jobs over crime-might be the hardest yet.

With Weapons Down Gloves Up, a project that offers boxing coaching, training, and a secure job interview to people who sign up, Bellew, who retired in 2018, is investing his time.

His Initiative

The program is a seven-week course, during which participants train with UFC star Molly McCann, alternating between classroom instruction and boxing camps with the ultimate goal of placing participants in employment. It allows Bellew to assist those who, in his opinion, are indeed being left behind.

According to the program’s co-founder Dave Hughes, boxing is “the hook” to attract participants, but participants gain far more than just fighting skills. To engage the younger generation, he says they’re hoping to provide them with the chance to come into the boxing class, offer them the coaching and the skill-set, and place them around somebody who can provide them the time of day and a job.”

He said that giving possibilities to jobless young people and those involved in crime is “not just for youth who are involved in crime. The project is partially supported by Speedo Mick, a well-known charity worker from Liverpool who has founded a foundation for underprivileged children.

The boys and girls don’t have to travel down the pathways the star went down as his past was full of blunders. He claims that when he thinks about the plan, he experiences “goose bumps” since it “means a great deal to him to be able to assist people.”

The program has been completely successful since it started in November 2020, with all 120 of the young folks who have finished the program obtaining employment.

Bellew claims his ambition is much greater than expected of a person who has won a world championship. Bellew says he won’t stop until he has 1,000 kids working full-time.

Following retirement

The Bomber acknowledged gaining weight after retiring due to dissatisfaction and bad habits, which was made worse when he ruptured his Achilles tendon while representing his beloved Everton in a charity match.

Tony Bellew thinks he won’t ever make a return because Anthony Joshua is too good for him. He retired in 2018, having earned enough money to provide for himself and the family for the rest of their lives. He claims to have received significant offers to fight again.

The former WBC cruiserweight champion insists he won’t fight again because he isn’t the best, even if the star thinks he is still great enough at 39 to win another world championship. However, there is no purpose in returning because the motivation is that he couldn’t be the best.

He claims that there’s no need to return because he couldn’t be the greatest heavyweight on the planet while Anthony Joshua is breathing air. Bellew adds that it’s no longer about money and financial stability because he has that. Due to the millions he earned from his two fights at The O2 against David Haye in 2017 and 2018, Bellew is in good financial standing.

He asserts that the sum of money he received for their first bout was four times greater than all of his previous victories combined.

Career life

Tony “The Bomber” Bellew has a long and illustrious career as a boxer in Liverpool. The lifelong supporter of Everton FC, a member of Liverpool’s Rotunda ABC and the “Home of Champions,” steps into the ring to the Blues’ anthem Z Cars. He was the national ABA heavyweight champion three times and won 40 out of 47 matches throughout his amateur career.

In October 2007, when he made his pro debut, he won the British and Commonwealth light-heavyweight titles and twice came up short in attempts to win the world championship.

However, Tony gained the WBO’s International belt after switching to cruiserweight. On a well-known Merseyside sporting occasion at Goodison Park, the pro won the WBC world title when he climbed back up off the canvas to knock out Ilunga Makubu.

He went up to heavyweight after successfully defending his title and shocked the experts by defeating former heavyweight world champion David Haye twice.