What is John McEnroe doing now?

22 May 2022

If you ask anyone who loved tennis in the 90s, they will tell you that John McEnroe was such a great tennis player. He was known for being very vocal about why female commentators should not be allowed to do commentary for men’s tournaments.

According to him, no one could explain a men’s game better than a man’s. It is, therefore, a surprise to many when they get to know what Joe McEnroe is doing.

Many tennis players end up being coaches after they quit the sport. While this is true for most people, it is not so for John McEnroe. Before he quit playing, he worked as a commentator, which earned him a spot in the movies. He has had a couple of debuts in movies from 1979.

Since most of these movies were sort of cameos, not so many people knew about them. He mostly played himself as well and would only make guest appearances.

Never Have I Ever

When John McEnroe talked to the executive producer of Never Have I Ever, he thought it would be a casual narration. He did not give too much thought to it until he read the script, and he realized that he had underestimated the scope of the work.

He was meant to work as the narrator of the main character’s inside voice. He had been used to doing voiceovers for documentaries or as a commentator but not in this scope. Despite his hesitance, he decided to try it. The show has aired over 20 episodes on Netflix since it first aired.

Personal narration

Never Have I Ever has been renewed for another season, which means viewers will get to hear Joe McEnroe’s voice again. Since his debut on Netflix, he partnered up with Squarespace and set up a website to promote his narration. He has tried some other kinds of narration, including Bridgeton’s famous lady Whistledown.

Even though his British accent is not top-notch, many people admit that he came in really close. He has also included some mockumentary for some of his narration that is bound to send fans into fits of laughter

What does Joe find the most interesting about voiceovers?

Before working with the Never Have I ever set, Joe had mostly done commentaries as himself in most films. The commentaries were in line with what he had done when working. For Never Have I Ever, there was a different approach to it. Joe was voicing the hilarious reactions of the main cast, Devi.

Devi is a polite high schooler, but his inner voice is the opposite. It was an interesting take on the career he had done for such a long time. The exaggerated reactions are what made shooting the series fun for him.

What next for Joe McEnroe

If there is one thing fans are hopeful for, it is to hear more of Joe’s narrations. There had been questions on whether he will go back to commentary for tennis, but with the Netflix special, it is clear that those days are well behind him. Joe has been focusing on his career as a narrator and making cameos in films. He has joked several times that he retired as a tennis player to focus on his career in film.

Many people watch with bated breath to see what he does with his new career move. Never Have I ever is streaming for the third season, which shows that fans love it so far. With these prospects, there is a chance we will keep hearing his narrations on Netflix and a couple more shows in the future.

Joe McEnroe was one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He has been an icon in the game, and players still look up to him. The transition he made into a film has been welcome, especially by his fans. It is expected that he will keep at the narrations for as long as he can since he has been looking for opportunities the same.

His tennis career might have ended, but that does not mean it is the last we will hear from him. Check out his website to see if any new shows are coming up and interact with him. His voiceover narrations on the site are downright hilarious and will have you smiling from ear to ear.

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