What is Chipper Jones Doing Now?

7 April 2022

Now that his baseball career is finally over, there’s a whole new life waiting for Chipper. In the past, he had already founded his own baseball academy which he now actively tends to.

Other than that, there is also a charity wine that he created named Chipper Chardonnay. All the proceeds from this wine are dedicated to helping and assisting disabled children, especially those who crave a chance to be able to play sports like baseball.

Hitting coach for Atlanta Braves

Chipper is now the present assistant hitting coach of the Atlanta Braves, the same team he played for almost a quarter of his life. But it doesn’t stop there!

Because life after retirement is a free one, you have a lot of time to pursue various things. For James Chipper, he decided to give the world of entertainment a try.

Co-owner and host of Major League Bowhunter

Chipper is co-owner and co-host of the television show named Major League Bowhunter, along with his other colleagues. Plus, he also works as a broadcast analyst. Who knew that athletes have the talent and ability to change paths, right?

A Brief Introduction About Chipper Jones

Baseball also has its own set of stars who made an unforgettable impact and undefeatable record. One excellent example of that is Chipper Jones. In a nutshell, Chipper Jones is a legend in baseball. He spent 19 years of his life leaving unbeatable records in his baseball career, some of which remain undefeated until now.

Just like how the best of the best has to step out of the spotlight, he did that too. The question now is, what happened next after his baseball career?

Larry Wayne Jones or more commonly known as Chipper Jones was born on April 24, 1972, in DeLand, Florida, United States. Unlike other players who finished their college degrees first, Chipper started his baseball career during high school.

In 1990, he was the number one overall choice in the Atlanta Braves’ amateur draft. It was only on September 11, 1992, that he made his first breakthrough by being one of the youngest players in the baseball league.

However, there were setbacks such as his injury that forced him to step out of the limelight for a while. Fortunately, he recovered and set his career back on track.

There were a number of milestones he made for himself and his team, and a lot of reports and records show how he led the Atlanta Braves to be unbeatable for consecutive years.

James Chipper’s Career

You’re probably wondering why James Chipper is so well known. For avid baseball fans, this is easy to explain! But if you don’t know about it, there’s no shame in that. You can always read through this short description of his career and the different milestones that he had reached.

Come the year 2012, Chipper finally decided to let his bat down and retire from his baseball career. His Major League Basketball Statistics state that throughout his 19 years of batting, he had made a total of 2, 726 hits, 1,624 runs batted in, and 468 home runs.

Aside from that, he made a mark in history by being the sole switch hitter who made a batting average of more than 400 home runs. James Chipper was also awarded as a Braves Hall of Famer, a prestigious title that he had so greatly deserved.