What Is Ben Wallace Doing Now?

18 July 2022

Ben Wallace is a former basketballer who played for Detroit Pistons in the NBA. He was well-known for his rebounding,shot-blocking, and general defensive play, and many consider him to be the world’s best-undrafted player in the basketball world. Ben has had a promising basketball career and is a great inspiration to many.

After he stopped playing basketball professionally in 2012 after he retired, Wallace struggled to adapt but eventually coped with it. Dive in to find out what he is doing now.

What is Ben Wallace doing now?

He owns Wallace motorsports

Wallace motorsports is a company that circulates remote-control items, and its headquarters are in New York. They distribute their products to an industry based in Italy that gets remote control cars from New York. They offer wheels for remote control cars, balancing pumpers, rears, lower suspensions, wireless chargers, exhaust kits, T-shirts, electric car touring kits, and more.

Ben Wallace is an ambassador for remote-control racing

After his basketball career ended, Ben Wallace found solace in remote-control racing while drowning in depression. He is now an ambassador for remote control racing, and his main objective is to divert people’s focus to it as a way to revive the sport. The racing is ideal for young people, teens, and adult racers, and people of different genders can participate. Ben Wallace sometimes enjoys remote-control racing and involves great players in the game to participate.

He serves as a team engagement advisor for Detroit Pistons 

Ben Wallace helps in every aspect of Detroit Pistons and serves as a mentor and a coach (for player development) for Pistons, Pistons g-league, and Motor city cruise. He is also involved in several community plans and businesses for the organization. Ben has even been featured in Piston’s Hall of the fam and continuously supported the organization and the team. Wallace is even involved in the team’s training camps and is an excellent addition to the organization since he has a vast knowledge of basketball.

Meet and greets 

Wallace has an outstanding record in basketball, and since he got the hall of fame title without being drafted, he has been an inspiration to many people. Wallace has been holding a meet and greets in different places to meet his fans, get familiar with them, encourage them, and give autographs. He has also made guest appearances at events like the Virginias Hall of fame. 

He works with Green Door Distilling 

Green door distilling is a whiskey, gin, amaro, vodka, and distiller with cocktail tasting rooms. Wallace has recently partnered with them to promote their brand; he even acted guest bartender during its reopening in June.

He owns BW undrafted 

BW undrafted is a cannabis brand, and like its insight from Ben Wallace, the Undrafted brand was created by Wallace out of a desire to do whatever it takes to be among the top brands of all time. It works with Rair cannabis to ensure cost-efficient and quality cannabis-related products to its customers. Ben has held meets to promote the brand while working with brands like Cookies Annabar and puff lifestyles while signing autographs.BW undrafted by Ben Wallace also has the merchandise you can purchase, such as hats, hoodies, lighters, sweatshirts, slides, rolling paper, sweat pants, and shirts.

He enjoys working out 

Ben Wallace is still in great shape and healthy as he enjoys weight training. He is motivated to stay healthy as he had a rough time after his professional basketball career and lost some weight.

He plays basketball for fun 

Wallace enjoys playing basketball and can still run and shoot, thanks to being in good shape; he loves and adores the spot to date. It makes it easier for him to coach and guide his players during training.


Typically, most players venture into being coaches after their professional careers and take up roles in the sports world. As for Ben Wallace, he has a lot going on now and owns businesses like Wallace Motorsports and his new project BW Undrafted. Apart from that, he works with different brands as a brand ambassador. He also holds meet and greets and enjoys playing basketball, remote control racing, and working out for fun. Ben Wallace has many more in the business world and more partnerships.