Did Michael B Jordan Play Basketball?

17 July 2022

Well-known for his interesting roles in certain movies such as Creed and Black Panther and TV shows such as The Wire, Michael B Jordan is an amazing artist. He has proven his versatility more than once. No doubt, he won heart hearts of his fans through his astounding acting.

However, most people think that Michael B Jordan is associated with the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan. Some people even anticipate that he used to play basketball in his early days. So, it is true that Michael B Jordan was a basketball player, or it is just another hoax. Continue reading the post to learn about it and other fascinating facts about him.

Did Michael B Jordan ever play basketball?

Before you know whether or not Michael B Jordan was a basketball player, you should know a bit about him. Michael B Jordan was born on February 9, 1987. Born in Santa Ana, he has two more brothers and he is the middle one.

At two years old, his family shifted their base to Newark, New Jersey from California. As it turns out, the popular American actor, Michael B Jordan has something in common with the famous basket player Michael Jordan apart from the matching first and last name.

When he was a teen, Michael B Jordan successfully made it out to the basketball team at Newark Arts High School. He studied there until he thought of a different career. As such, it leads him to take refuge in homeschooling during his junior and senior years.

Therefore, it is clear that Michael B Jordan indeed played basketball during those days. In addition, he continued playing for the Newark Arts Basketball team while shuffling between studying and shooting for the popular TV series The Wire.

Initially, his plan wasn’t to become an actor. Yet, he started modeling for different companies and a time came when he got the opportunity to work with Keanu Reaves in the 2002 movie, Hardball. Besides, Jordan received appreciation for his role in the TV series The Wire along with his interesting role in All My Children.

Later, in 2009, Michael B Jordan became a part of the series Friday Night Lights and he rose to fame instantly. Moreover, Jordan participated in several cinematic movies such as Red  Tails (2012), Fruitvale Station (2013), and That Awkward Moment (2014).

So, what does the letter `B’ stand for?

As said, many people believed that Michael B Jordan is associated with the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan. Some people even believed that he was named after the noted basketball player. However, none of them is true.

In reality, Michael B Jordan was named after his father. The actor’s father’s name is Michael A Jordan and this is where the letter `B’ came into existence as his middle name. Besides the `B’ in Jordan’s name means `Bakari’. This name has a reference to Swahili which means `of noble promise’.

What is the actor’s take on Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan won six championships when he played for the Chicago Bulls. There is no denying that he made several records in basketball during his days. Besides, he is the prime owner of the Charlotte Hornets. However, the businessman is no longer in news as of now.

Michael B Jordan has been asked a hundred times how he feels about sharing his name with one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Apart from that, the actor has been teased several times about the famous basketball player.

Indeed, sharing the same name with another celebrity is not an easy affair to handle. The actor shared his experience of how he was teased for not being the original Michael Jordan. The fact is that the actor isn’t related in any way to the basketball legend.

Rather, he shares the same name with his father. The actor told that the burden of sharing the same name compelled him to create his own identity and have a unique legacy. Also, Jordan said that he never met the basketball player.

Furthermore, he clarified that he met the legend once in passing but he didn’t consider it a formal meeting. He expressed his desire to meet the famous basketball player one day when the latter would recognize him for what he is and not as a fan.