What is Chris Webber Doing Now?

Chris Webber is a retired American professional basketball player and sportscaster. He is reputable for coveting the NBA All-Star for five consecutive times, alongside being an All-NBA Team member. He’s also known to play for teams like Detroit Piston, Washington Bullets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Sacramento Kings. Since his retirement, Chris has been exploring various ventures and pursuits. If you’re curious about what Chris Webber is up to these days, read on.

Who is Chris Webber?

Chris Webber is mainly known for being a professional basketball player center and sportscaster. Though he’s already retired from his career, he’s still widely praised for being a former top one NBA draftee for the Golden State Warriors and being a 5-All-Time Team Member and All-star in the NBA.

Being an athlete in his college years, Chris was on the All-American team and consequently led the freshman class of Michigan Wolverine to reach the Championship games for the NCAA Basketball Men’s Division in years 1992 and 1993. This achievement was short-lived since he was stripped of the honors after the jury found out about his involvement in the Ed Martin scandal. Nonetheless, Chris went on to chase the same pursuit and became a National High School Basketball player of the year, eventually bringing pride to his high school as he took Detroit Country Day to three State High School Basketball championships.

Chris Webber was recently an on-air commentator for games in the NBA and also worked on the side as a professor teaching in schools like Morehouse College and Wake Forest University.

NBA journey

Webber is popularly known for being Orlando Magic’s number 1 selection as he entered the 1993 NBA draft. But during the night of drafting, Webber was switched to the Golden State Warriors in a trade for Penny Hardaway’s draft rights and future picks.

Over the years, he had played for various teams. This includes the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, and Philadelphia76ers. He then returned to the Warriors shortly before his retirement. His great performance in the NBA has prompted SLAM Magazine to rank him as the 64th best athlete among the top 75 NBA players of all time in 2003. Moreover, he was also ranked 11th in ESPN’s expert polls about the top power forwards. He also managed to rank 72 in the list of Top 96 Basketball players in the 2009 bestseller by Bill Simmons and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2021.

Life Post-Retirement

Even after his retirement, Chris Webber’s life remained to flourish as he went on trying new businesses and ideas. After living in the basketball and celebrity spotlight for so long, Webber claims that he’s currently into farming.

He resides on a farm in Atlanta with his wife, Erika Dates, along with their twins. Webber enjoys being a dad to his kids as he home-schools them now and then. But for the most part, he’s mainly enjoying his peaceful life spending time with his family, friends, and loved ones. The reason why he didn’t continue commentating anymore is that he just wants to enjoy his years and relax, considering that he’s missed out on most of it at 18, catching flights every week with a packed schedule.

Webber is glad that he seems to have gotten the rest he needs from his demanding career and has gotten less anxious about traveling as well. But beyond relaxing and basically basking in his free time, he also focused on executing business ideas, particularly since he has a considerable stake in the growing cannabis industry.

Hid plan includes a $50 million compound that will have training and cultivation facilities, a private lounge for the consumption of the product, and a dispensary. According to the press, this planned compound is set to cover at least 180 000 square feet in Southwest Detroit. That isn’t all, and this compound is also due for future expansions, with the cultivation and lounge facility to follow for the next 18 months.

Webber chose to venture into the cannabis industry particularly because he believes in the vision of the idea being a great opportunity for Black citizens to benefit from the evidently growing cannabis sector. His business mainly aims to provide access to individuals who were once often targeted by racist and discriminatory laws.