Is Windsurfing Expensive?

If you’re looking to begin windsurfing, your first question is how much windsurfing costs. In this blog, I’ll review everything you require depending on your experience level, wind patterns, and body weight but to give you a straight answer you can spend as low as $1300 for all the gear you need to start windsurfing while the better quality sets will cost you anywhere around $5600.
For some people, these numbers mean windsurfing is expensive, for others it is not. It is all up to you to decide if that is something you can afford.

Nevertheless, I won’t get into specifics regarding selecting the appropriate gear for you since each person is distinct in terms of body weight, skill level, wind speed in the location they would be riding, and the overall cost of windsurfing. Windsurfing can be a challenging sport at various phases of training.

If you’re a newcomer training to windsurf for the first time, you shouldn’t have too much trouble and should have a great time attempting something different.

Every gear a sailor will require

Windsurfing is a tactical event in which the sail is the engine, and the board is the boat. However, you’ll require additional equipment to windsurf. The following is a list of all the necessary equipment; there are a few other components that I won’t state since they are unnecessary. You would notice that there’s a price difference. This is due to the quality of the equipment, which is why there is such a large price difference.

  • Board for Windsurfing- $750 – $2000
  • Sail $200 – $900
  • Mast and Mast Base range from $120 to $750
  • The Boom costs between $85 and $1000.
  • Lines and harness- $120 – $300
  • Wetsuit- $50 – $500
  • Buoyancy Aid $30 – $100

These are the essential items of gear you would therefore require; even so, you might not require a wetsuit if you will be riding in warm water.

Typical Charges

Beginner windsurfing lessons at beaches and lakes range from $70-$140 a day, along with components, based on the location and training duration.

Short 2-hour courses with little water time are accessible in some locations for $70-$95 per session. A 2-day group learning costs between $165 and $200. Day sessions for children aged 7 to 12 charge $90 a day or $150 for a 2-day learning experience.

Windsurfing day sessions provide three or four successive coaching days for newcomers for around $300-$400 for 3 days or $500 for 4 days and generally encompass guidance, video review, board, mast, sail, and boom rental. Depending on location, private windsurfing classes range from $50 to $90 per hour. These usually don’t involve any equipment.

Extra Charges

Leasing costs differ by standard, with more sophisticated sailor devices priced the most. Leasing equipment for the first-time costs around $35 for 2 hours and $55 for 4 hours. The leasing charges for the mid-level device are around $50 for 2 hours or $80 for 4 hours and $10 for a strap. Wetsuit leases for all stages range from $10 to $15.

Buying windsurfing equipment is also affected by the sailor’s level of experience. Boards, for instance, cost anywhere from $700 to $2,900, with the 33-pound beginner Bic Beach 175D costing around $800 and the Kona One racing board costing around $1,800.

Full-body wetsuits range in price from $120-$450 based on width, sails are $300-$900, headgear is around $100-$170, straps are around $90-$150, and hand gloves are around $30-$45.

Windsurfing’s total budget

If you purchase cheap and used gear, the overall price of windsurfing will be approximately $2,000; nevertheless, if you choose the strong and best equipment, the overall price would be approximately $5,000.

When purchasing windsurfing instruments, refrain from purchasing a gear already used since most utilized gear is indeed aged and old-fashioned, putting you at a drawback when you’re training. If you do purchase a used device, ensure it is relevant and can match with the equipment you already have, and is not obsolete.


Windsurfing is an interesting sport to learn, and there are several stores where you can purchase or rent windsurfing equipment. To begin windsurfing, you will require a board, mast, boom, quiver of sails, harness, and other miscellaneous equipment, costing you around $2,000. So, you will need several pieces of equipment for you to practice this, but it is really worth it.