Famous Bossaball Players

17 September 2022

Bossaball is a one-of-a-kind acrobatic game that is mainly played for recreational purposes. Several ball games and gymnastics are all rolled into one in this unique sport. Bossaball is not an ancient sport; Spain is credited with inventing the game in 2004. It is currently being conducted on a global scale.

 Bossaball teams from several countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Singapore, Portugal, and Kuwait, are among the most successful in the world.

These teams go from nation to nation and compete in demonstrations to increase people’s familiarity with the sport of Bossaball and to demonstrate to the locals how exciting and exciting Bossaball can be. The membership of these “selections” or teams is somewhat fluid.

The most interesting aspect of Bossaball is that it is almost devoid of personalities other than that of the Belgian founder Filip Eyckmans. Even the national selections (teams) seem to be very fluid in their makeup.

Filip Eyckmans

Between 2003 and around 2005, Filip Eyckmans conceived the idea that would become known as “bossaball.” When Filip was younger, he enjoyed playing tennis and spending his spare time as a DJ at private parties and as an assistant referee for soccer matches.

Because of his profound love of music, he began working as the manager for several different musical acts, including dEUS and Vive la Fete. When he went to Brazil with one of his bands, dEUS, he saw the Afro-Brazilian style of the martial art of capoeira for the first time and was immediately captivated by it.

 Due to the growing popularity of beach volleyball and the proliferation of trampolines in early 1990s retail malls. He wanted to imagine a sport that consisted of more than just serving and blocking the ball.

 Therefore, a principle that uses gymnastics to train oneself to mix one’s flexibility and agility with a dash of Zidane. This idea gave rise to the concept of a brand new sport.

Ries Verhoeven

Member of the Netherlands Bossaball team, Verhoeven is a trainer in both Bossaball and volleyball. There is a lot of interconnection between the two sports with Bossaball being seen as an amusing adjunct to beach volleyball. In January 2021 he was recruiting club members for Utrecht.

Tom Swinkels

Best known as a football player in the Netherlands, Tom Swinkels was also a member of the Olympic-winning team in Brazil in 2016.

Mariëlle Kloek

Another member of the Netherlands team in Brazil 2016 who won in the final 2-0 against Argentina. Since then this player seems to have disappeared from the public view.

Final Thoughts

The absence of Bossaball stars is illustrated by the fact that in the premier Bossaball event in 2022, the person advertised as the big name, to demonstrate the sot was described as a member of the Colombian Beach Volleyball team. Bossaball seems to be very much a community-level activity that occasionally attracts sports “stars” from other disciplines to have a go. Its main popularity is due to the fact that it is played on an inflatable court and can easily be set up at music festivals and other events, so the public can try it.