Can You Windsurf on Lake Michigan?

17 September 2022

Windsurfing is one of the most fascinating sports that you can do on the water and on Lake Michigan, you can definitely enjoy this sport with its huge body of water and strong winds all year round. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced windsurfer, this fun water activity takes a lifetime to master.

Honing your windsurfing skills on Lake Michigan is just one great way to chase down that elusive adrenaline rush that this sport offers. Here are a few things that you should know to maximize your windsurfing success on this amazing lake.

When is the best time to windsurf on Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan may boast strong winds all year round, but it can get freezing cold, especially during wintertime. The windsurfing season in this Great Lake starts from the month of June up to the month of August when you can enjoy the warmer temperatures.

If you need more time windsurfing, you can actually take advantage of the lake’s excellent winds that typically start from March all throughout November.

With the advancement of technology, windsurfers are now able to enjoy the sport even in the colder months for there is excellent gear available that’s designed to help the riders in withstanding the cold temperature. For as long as you have your proper gears on, you can most definitely enjoy windsurfing on Lake Michigan even beyond the windsurfing season.

Where is the most popular spot for windsurfing in Lake Michigan?

Located on Lake Shore Drive, Montrose Beach is one of the many beaches in Lake Michigan where riders gather to take delight in the sport. During summer, you can enjoy the cross-shore wind that will allow you to effortlessly move out to the shore and back.

For beginners, spring and autumn would be the best months to windsurf on Montrose Beach to take advantage of the onshore winds that usually blow from 10 up to 20 knots.

The onshore wind is the one that blows from the water towards the shore which is the most ideal for beginners. Light onshore winds that are around 10 knots offer a great opportunity for beginners to acquire the skills in this wind condition and it is much safer. In case something goes wrong, you can be swept back to shore instead of the open water.

There are a plethora of windsurfing schools and shops in Lake Michigan

Here are some of the most popular windsurfing schools you can choose from if you want to learn windsurfing around Lake Michigan:

Torch Lake Windsurfing:

Water sports on Torch Lake – Torch Lake Windsurfing

Michigan Sailing Club:

Learn to Windsurf! – MICHIGAN SAILING CLUB

Sleeping Bear Surf:

Great Lakes Surf Lessons – Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak

If you are just starting out in this amazing sport, then you would be delighted to know that windsurfing is one of the best water activities that can be enjoyed in Lake Michigan. In this light, there are many windsurfing schools in different locations where you can enroll and learn the skills straight from an expert. Even experienced riders can take advantage of the schools to improve their skills and learn new techniques.

One of the challenges when it comes to windsurfing is having to bring your own board to the location. By choosing Lake Michigan as your windsurfing spot, you will have the option to rent or purchase a board that will rid you of the possible hassle of having to bring your board around when traveling.