Does Michael Jordan Have Twitter or Instagram Accounts?

Michael Jordan, also known as “Air Jordan” or “His Airness,” is considered the greatest basketball player of all time.  His success on the court is only matched by his marketing and business ventures. You may ask yourself: How can I follow Michael Jordan on social media? 

Michael Jordan doesn’t have an active personal account on Twitter, Instagram, or any social media platform. He does have active business accounts under the @Jumpman23 brand. There are also active accounts for his NASCAR team @23XIRacing.

Let’s look at why one of the world’s greatest athletes avoids social media and ways we can keep up to date with Michael Jordan’s business ventures on each platform. 

Is Michael Jordan on Twitter or Instagram?

Michael Jordan does not have an active and verified Instagram or Twitter account. Despite remaining a global phenomenon, he has questioned the impact social media would have had on him and his privacy during his playing career. 

While he has acknowledged that athletes have used those platforms for personal and financial gain, it has invaded their personalities and personal time. They do not have the privacy he had during his career, and everyday things can be misinterpreted on those platforms.

Is Michael Jordan on Facebook, or TikTok? 

It does appear Air Jordan was once on Facebook, but sadly the page is no longer accessible. There are plenty of Michael Jordan accounts but all are unverified parody accounts or fan accounts not belonging to MJ himself.    

Tiktok also has plenty of Michael Jordan fan accounts documenting his highlight reels and supremacy in the NBA. Despite the high quality of editing and professionalism, none of them are verified to be official. They are successful at bringing the best of MJ to a new era. 

What are all the Michael Jordan accounts on social media? 

If you were just to search Michael Jordan on Instagram there would be numerous results with most showing photos of his shoe brands and playing days. None of these accounts have been verified by Instagram as belonging to Michael Jordan and are parody or fan accounts. 

The Michael Jordan search on Twitter will produce the same results, almost. There is a verified Michael Jordan account on Twitter but it does not belong to Air Jordan. It belongs to the outside linebacker of the Carolina Panthers with the same name. 

How can we follow Michael Jordan on social media platforms? 

Despite not having personal accounts, Michael Jordan’s Jupman23 brand is highly active on Twitter and Instagram. It has 4.4 million followers on its Twitter account. The Instagram account has over 24 million followers keeping us up to date on its products and new releases. 

His venture into the world of NASCAR as a team co-owner with driver Denny Hamlin, under the 23XIRacing brand, also has active Twitter and Instagram accounts. 23XI Racing (pronounced twenty-three eleven racing) combines MJ’s number 23 and Denny Hamlin’s 11 into one.

Both 23XI Racing and Jumpman 23 also have active and verified accounts on Facebook and Tiktok. They continue to use all aspects of social media to improve brand awareness and even respond to social issues experienced in today’s world. 

Could we ever see a social media account for MJ?

According to his daughter, Jasmine, he is too anti-social-media to open a personal account. She continues to say he believes it does more to separate us than bring us together. He appears content to keep his private life off of social media. 

Jasmine did confess that he loves music. She says it brings out a fun and rambunctious dad.  He enjoys a wide variety of rap and hip-hop to R&B. That’s where you get to see the fun side of him. Maybe one day the world will be able to enjoy it also. 


Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time on the court and is highly respected as a businessman off the court. He has been highly successful in building his Jordan and Jumpman branding. Despite all his success, he doesn’t have any personal pages on any of the social media platforms, and according to all sources he is not expected to relinquish his privacy anytime soon.