How Much Are Snow Volleyball Uniforms?

3 August 2022

Whenever you are playing any sport, it’s important that you follow the sport’s rules and regulations as far as what you’re allowed to wear. Snow volleyball is a unique sport that does not have very specific uniform regulations, but uniforms are still required. How expensive are snow volleyball uniforms?

It is difficult to give an exact estimation since players have a lot of freedom to customize their uniforms in order to stay warm. Individual players get to wear gloves, hats, and other warm accessories, which can make the cost go up. All around, uniforms can cost anywhere from $280 to $500, and this price includes all clothing, accessories, and shoes.

To learn more about how much it costs to wear a snow volleyball uniform, keep reading.

What Do Snow Volleyball Players Wear?

Before we dive into the cost of a snow volleyball uniform, let’s talk about what snow volleyball players wear. Unlike most other sports, the rules and regulations concerning snow volleyball uniforms are relatively lenient.

Most snow volleyball players wear thermal long pants and thermal sleeves underneath their jerseys. Men can also wear shorts over their long pants. All players are permitted to wear gloves, hats, compression pads, and snow jackets or rain jackets if the weather requires it.

The main rules are that all team members must wear a matching uniform that is of the same color and style. The jerseys also need to be numbered, and the number needs to be placed on the chest. As long as the uniform falls within these boundaries, snow volleyball players can wear just about anything.

How Much Do Snow Volleyball Uniforms Cost?

Because the snow volleyball player uniform is determined largely by individual preference, it’s difficult to give an exact answer to how much snow volleyball uniforms cost. Nevertheless, here are some estimations about how much individual parts of the uniform cost:


Regular volleyball jerseys can cost anywhere from $10 to $50, not including player numbers. Getting the jerseys customized with numbers or player names will cause the price to go up.

Thermal Clothing

Underneath the jersey, snow volleyball players wear thermal clothing. Thermal pants are a must for all snow volleyball players. These pants can cost anywhere from $10 to $50. Normally, these pants are not customized, but all members have the same pair so that they look uniform.


As for their shoes, snow volleyball players often select soccer shoes. Soccer shoes come with a little bit of thermal protection and spikes. The spikes help the players to grip the snow and ice so they don’t slide around. These shoes often come in at around $250 to $350.

Warming Accessories

Don’t forget about thermal gloves, hats, socks, and other gear. Estimating the price of these items is impossible because the additional gear is ultimately up to the individual player. Some individuals may only spend $5 or so on additional gear, whereas others may spend up to $50.

Putting It All Together

If you add all these costs together, a complete uniform for a snow volleyball player can cost anywhere from $300 to $500. Remember, these prices are just estimates since snow volleyball players have a lot of flexibility on what they wear in order to stay warm.

How Do Snow Volleyball Uniforms Compare to Other Volleyball Uniforms?

Snow volleyball uniforms are typically much more expensive than other volleyball uniforms. The main reason for this is that snow volleyball is played in frigid temperatures. As a result, the uniforms need to cover the entire body for the person to stay warm.

Other volleyball uniforms, in contrast, are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. They do not cover the entire body. Because there is less fabric, these volleyball uniforms are typically more affordable.

Final Thoughts

Once again, most snow volleyball players spend between $280 and $500 on their entire uniform, including clothing, accessories, and shoes. Although this is a high price tag, most of these items last you a long time.

Not to mention, you can easily get a snow volleyball uniform for less if you shop strategically. Because there’s so much flexibility and snow volleyball uniforms, you should be able to get all the clothing and accessories you need within your budget.

Plus, many of these items can be worn for other purposes too, such as going outside in the winter or playing other winter sports, such as skiing!