Do You Have To Tumble To Become a Cheerleader?

3 August 2022

If you hear the word cheerleading, you would probably imagine girls in mini skirts, jumping, tumbling, and dancing on fast beats. Some colleges require girls who can perform cheerleading stunts aside from dancing and jumping. However, some girls want to be part of a cheerleading team, but not everyone can tumble, and not all cheerleaders are given the skills equally.

In cheerleading, you don’t need to have skills in stunts, tumbling, or flexibility. Before the 1920’s tumbling had not been a part of cheerleading. There were only yell leading, gymnastics, and little handsprings.

Today, there is a new cheerleading concept where no tumblings are required. The Worldwide Spirit Organization also now created a Non-Tumbling Division at the Worlds competition.

If you are an aspiring cheerleader and do not know how to tumble, this article is for you.

What Is The Easiest Cheer Position?

As stunts are performed in cheerleading, there are three positions for cheerleaders since the stunts are often unusual and dangerous acts. These positions are bases, flyers, and spotters. If one of these positions is not filled during a stunt, it may result in poor performance or the stunt cannot be performed.

The easiest cheer position on a cheerleading squad is the spotter. Usually, they are positioned at the back and front of the cheerleaders who are performing the stunt. Spotters ensure the safety of the flyers. Cheerleaders who do not have enough flexibility are often positioned as a spotter.

If you are the back spotter, you work as a barrier between the flyer and the floor in case the flyer falls backward. A spotter also helps in boosting up the flyer and stabilizes her ankle to prevent falling.

A front spotter is positioned at the front of the stunt in order to prevent the flyer from falling forward. Sometimes, they also provide extra help in lifting.

During some stunts, some additional spotters need to stand beside them in case an accident happens during the stunt performance.

What Is The Hardest Cheer Position?

Some people believe that the hardest position is the flyer. But will the flyer be able to get lifted without a base? Though every position in cheerleading is important, bases are the foundation of every stunt. It is the hardest position since you need to use your full-body strength and the success of the stunts depends on how you can lift the flyers.

As a base, you need to have strong and stable legs and arms. Your strength during stunts will be coming from there. All bases should work in sync. Timing is important since they have to dip, step, and lock at the same time. They will also be the people responsible for catching the flyer.

What Is The Easiest Cheer Jump?

If you are a beginner, the easiest jump you can do is the tucker jump. During this jump, cheerleaders have to pull their knees to stomach level without lifting their heels behind. The hands and arms should be in a high V position.

How Do I Prepare For Cheerleading Tryouts?

Before you can enter a cheerleading team, you need to pass a cheerleading tryout. It can be nerve-racking but being prepared can ease your anxiety. Practicing your dance routine and jumps will make you confident during your performance.

Before you go on a tryout, decide first if you can pursue cheerleading continuously considering the schedule of training, physical strength, and financial obligations, if any. You can sign up for cheerleading lessons or you can prepare your routine ahead of time. If you know that you are not in a good shape, work on your physical fitness ahead.

During your performance, showcase your personality and skills. Cheerleaders not only look for the skills but also attitude.

What Is The Most Important Thing In Cheerleading?

As a cheerleader, you are one of the examples that the students are looking up to. Aside from having gymnastics and dancing skills, having focus, leadership, dedication, confidence, and hard work are the important factors a cheerleader should impose.

Coaches look for someone who can focus during routines since a distracted cheerleader may fall into an accident. All cheerleaders should give 100% confidence to perform all stunts and routines properly.

Skills can be improved and taught, but having personality and good habits cannot be trained and fixed easily.