Will Anthony Kim Play Golf Again?

12 September 2022

Anthony Kim is an ex-professional golfer from America who’s won the PGA tour three times and had made an appearance at both the Ryder and President’s Cup. At one stage, he ranked in the top ten in the world.

Will Anthony Kim play golf again?

In 2019, Kim described his golfing career to one of his fans in California as being “non-existent.” Therefore, it’s unlikely that Anthony Kim will ever play again, professionally at least. His career finished due to a severe injury he picked up back in 2012.

Why did Anthony Kim stop playing golf?

June 2012 saw Anthony Kim’s professional career come to an end. He suffered an injury to the Achilles tendon on his left leg. At first, he was only expected to have to take a break from the sport for recovery for around 9 to 12 months. He was also deemed as fit the following year, in 2013, being granted the green light to play based on a Major Medical Exemption that was given to him. However, Kim hasn’t played in a professional tournament since.

At the time of his injury, Kim was hoping to be back in action soon and he didn’t expect to have to give up on his career. While he no longer played professional golf after that, he did go on to play in charity events and for leisure for the next few years.

He teed off with Phil Mickelson at the Madison Club and was making preparations while making preparations for his 2013 comeback. Rising at 5 am every morning, Kim trained. But after his injury has fully healed, he then suffered from a herniated disc. That’s when he became injury-prone very fast and problems seemed to start following him around.

In 2016, Kim did manage to become fit enough again to play several charity games of golf. However, he knew at that time that returning professionally was still out of the question. He noted that he was still undergoing physical therapy, treatment, and surgery that was putting the brakes on a comeback.

What is Anthony Kim doing instead of playing golf?

Not much is known about Anothony’s Kim life today. Online, most reports show that he has been spotted on a few occasions by a fan walking his dog when he had the encounter with his fan in California.

On the 1st of January last year, he was also seen in a photo beside Adam Schriber, his golfing coach. They were standing in front of the Dallas Skyline. The caption read “2021 is going to be special.” Kim is said to have attended the game so that he could see the Sooners beat the Florida Gators and rise victorious as the champions of the Cotton Bowl. Just a week before, Kim was active on Twitter.

Today, Kim is 37 years old. It’s a bit saddening to hear about the bad luck that this great golfer has had to face. Unfortunately, his fans are only left in hope that one day he might return to the tee.