What did Michael Jordan think of Dennis Rodman?

12 September 2022

Dennis Rodman might have physically tried to hurt Michael Jordan when he was a part of the Detroit Pistons. These two basketball starts have indulged in numerous back-and-forths when the Chicago Bulls- Detroit Pistons rivalry was high.

That’s the reason why many followers have questioned the Chicago Bull’s verdict of trading for Rodman back in 1995. But the truth is that Rodman had immense respect for Jordan.

Steve Kerr, former Chicago Bulls guard has revealed to Roland Lazenby who wrote Michael Jordan’s biography named `The Life’ that the respect and love that he had for Rodman was a fantastic thing to witness in the intervening years between 1995 and 98.

Dennis Rodman is opined by many to be subservient to MJ from any emotional perspective. He further said, Dennis never did anything for the stalwart that he wasn’t ready to do for the rest of the team. But the only thing was that he always made him feel that Michael Jordan was the greatest man and he was always below him, as if out of reverence.

What did Michael Jordan think of Dennis Rodman?

It’s not just Dennis Rodman showering his love and respect for the basketball superstar. The converse is true as well. The legend has called Rodman one of the smartest teammates he has ever played with. Just after MJ disclosed his retirement, the Bulls witnessed two seasons of basketball that can be deemed above-average. However, as soon as Michael Jordan was back on his team, they went to the top once again.

Dennis Rodman might have physically tried to hurt Michael Jordan

Rodman and MJ never got involved in fights when they were playing basketball together on Chicago Bulls. And Rodman had his unique style of letting his boss know that he has messed up since he was filled with respect and admiration.

 Chicago Bulls started out their 1997-98 season devoid of Scottie Pippen as he was coming around surgery. This simply implied that Jordan depended on Rodman expecting him to be his partner in crime. Michael Jordan was physically beaten up by the Pistons including Rodman. But he had been aggressive throughout and checked the Bad Boys from blocking him to reach the top.

Did Michael Jordan ask for Dennis Rodman to be on his team?

Former basketball player Jalen Rose had mentioned that Michael Jordan was responsible for handling a player like Rodman. This is because he convinced Chicago Bulls to sign Rodman during his time with the franchise.

Did Rodman respect Jordan?

Rodman had immense respect for Jordan and he had been always vocal about the relationship between Pippen, Jordan, and him. Rodman further explains that they had immense respect for one another. He opines that he wholeheartedly accepts the fact that they were given the chance to play with each other. He says that they are not hankering after each other or trying to hang out or party every day, but when they get a chance to meet, it’s only love that’s shared.