What Is Venus Williams Doing Now?

11 June 2022

One of the things many people do not know about Venus Williams is the number of things she does behind the scenes. Whenever the William sisters are mentioned, most people look at their tennis games and the accolades they have garnered on the court. Venus is a part of many more things outside of the court in an actual sense.

While there was a time when people talked about the Williams sisters, over the past few years, they have been very quiet about them. It makes fans who grew up watching and hearing about them wonder what happened. Here are a couple of things Venus is up to outside the tennis court.

Venus on Mental Health

Aside from the court, Venus is known for her social activities. She has won several awards for this and talks about mental health awareness in various forums. Venus Williams believes that mental health should be taken seriously, especially by athletes in the limelight. Mental health is something so many people do not talk about and having a forum to talk about it helps more people come out and talk about their experiences.

She has, in various interviews, talked about how the digital space has changed how people can access information on mental health in light of the pandemic. She is also happy that therapy is now virtual so that more people can access it without worry. Currently, she uses her experience at the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the Better.

Through these platforms, she has assisted other tennis players in talking about their mental health issues. These platforms have ensured that fewer athletes suffer silently from mental health issues. It has also ensured that her fans know where to get help if they have issues with their mental health. It is one of the projects that make many of her fans appreciate her. The movement has brought to light mental issues that most fans struggle with.

Venus on Relationships

Whenever people talk about Venus outside of the field, they are most curious about her relationship and whether she has a husband. Even though this has been a question people have asked for a while. It has not swayed her into changing her mind on the issue. She has been single for a while and is proud of it. Although she has dated in the past, she is yet to commit to someone or have children.

Venus is, however, close to her niece, Olympia, who is Serena’s daughter. The two have shared a moment and have beautiful pictures on social media that fans gush over. She says she is content being an aunty a just being in the presence of her family and friends since they fulfill her. Whether marriage is in Serena’s plans, fans are yet to know.

Sjogren Syndrome

Currently, Venus Williams has withdrawn from playing because of Sjogren Syndrome. Sjogren is an autoimmune disease that affects one’s energy levels, making it difficult to participate in sports. The syndrome is also linked to other diseases like arthritis and lupus. With this new condition, Venus Williams had to quit the field and work on getting better because she could not perform as needed when on the field.

Even though her fans are terrified of her and are disappointed, many of them support her decision. It is the hope for most of them that she gets to fight the condition and get back on the court. Even though there is no clear day on when and if Venus will ever compete again, the fans are hopeful. Venus is a fighter, and many people who have worked with her can attest to her resilience.

Venus William is one of the tennis players that so many people have come to love because of her impact on the court. She is one of the icons that will be remembered for her contribution to tennis and the accolades she has come with.

Fans are hoping for the best

As she gets into this new phase of life with her autoimmune disease, fans are hopeful that it will not put her down and that she will come out stronger. Even as she takes time away from the sport, her other projects are still flourishing, and they are still something to talk about.