What is Anna Kournikova Doing Now?

An impressive Anna Kournikova exploded into the tennis scene in the late 1990s, starting her professional career at the young age of 14. A promising tennis career aside, the attention this Russian-born (she immigrated to the US at the age of 10) athlete received off the court ensured she was the most Googled athlete in 2001. She kept this Internet title through to 2008.
What is she up to these days? Let`s see:

Kournikova’s Dedication to Charity Work

Kournikova decided to focus on volunteer charity work following the end of her professional career. Her love for the game never ended, and she still plays tennis, but for various good causes. For instance, in 2008, Kournikova was part of the Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits celeb tennis tournament. The event raised funds for the Atlanta Aids Partnership Fund and Elton John Aids Foundation. Kournikova has since made a number of appearances at charity tournaments.

Helping AIDS patients

Anna has also been involved with volunteer work helping many HIV/AIDS patients worldwide. Back in 2009, she visited her native Russia to work with young people affected by HIV and AIDS. She penned down her experience on Oprah.com. In her passionate piece, Kournikova stated that she visits her native country numerous times to help reach the youth and provide them with the necessary tools to make better decisions.

Working as a Global Ambassador for PSI

Over the years, Kournikova has continued to work with Population Services International (PSI) as a Global Ambassador. Specifically, she is involved in the organization’s “Five & Alive” initiative, which addresses the health problems facing children below the age of five and their families. Anna Kournikova’s volunteer work eventually placed her on a path to US citizenship. In 2008, she began volunteer work with the USO, visiting Guam to aid the families of servicepersons there, especially the children.

She has also worked in Germany and Turkey and wrote about her experience on USO’s website. Kournikova became an American citizen in 2010, with her time working with the USO playing a major role.

Living Secretively With Her Family

Today, the tennis star lives with her family under the radar in Miami. Anna Kournikova and Henrique Iglesias have three children together. Kournikova met Iglesias back in 2001 during a music video shoot for the song “Escape.” With the on-screen chemistry reflected in real life, the two started seeing each other. They have been together since.

Kournikova has been known to keep her personal life private, and this can be said about her relationship with Iglesias. For the most part, it is unclear whether the two are married. Nonetheless, the former tennis player adopted Iglesias’s name and wears engagement and wedding rings in her Instagram photos.

Not interested in marriage

Statements from the couple over the years have pointed to them not being too keen on the whole marriage thing. Their marital status aside, Kournikova and Iglesias seem very dedicated to each other and their family. The two welcomed their first children in 2017 after many years of being together.

Managing to keep her baby bump secret, Kournikova gave birth to twins, Lucy and Nicholas, in December 2017. It took many people by surprise when the couple uploaded photos of the twins on Instagram in January 2018. The couple was again blessed with their third child and second daughter, Mary (Masha in Russian), in January 2020. And just like before, very few people knew that Kournikova was expectant. It came as another surprise when she posted photos of Masha on Instagram.

Her tennis career never took off as expected, with back injuries forcing Kournikova to stop playing in 2003. However, she remained a prominent figure in the public eye and arguably found greater success after tennis. Anna Kournikova embraced the spotlight, working as a model for various notable brands following her retirement from the game.

In 2004, she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and other publications, including Maxim and FHM. In 2011, Kournikova appeared as a celebrity trainer in the later seasons of the television series The Biggest Loser. In the years after her retirement and these days, Anna Kournikova has been and is still involved with different charity projects. She now lives a secretive and relatively quiet life with her partner, famous singer Enrique Iglesias, and their family.

These days, Kournikova and her family keep a low profile nestled in their Miami home. All in all, Anna Kournikova will always be remembered as the talented teenage Russian star that catapulted onto the tennis scene and proceeded to be one of the most popular athletes both on and off the court.