What is Elizabeth Lambert Doing Now?

13 September 2022

Elizabeth Lambert is a female soccer player. She’s known as “the ponytail girl” due to a ban she received for a hair-pulling incident on another player. While she became quite popular for the act, she appears to have down a lot since then and not much is heard about her today.

What is Elizabeth Lambert doing now?

Lambert’s position on the field is defense, where she played for New Mexico Lobos women’s team. She was one of the main stars of the team, and so it was quite a blow to the Lobos to lose her place in the squad. Since her incident, she’s sought forgiveness after making a public apology. In the meantime, she isn’t allowed to play as she’s currently still barred.

The game took place in the Mountain West Conference against Brigham Young University. During the match in question, Lambert had been nothing short of aggressive. She was spotted kicking, elbowing, and finally pulling down a player to the ground. At the time, she had only received a booking for her antics. But later, the repercussions made were more severe, affecting her chance to play the game she loves.

She’s known as one of the most famous female athletes ever. Because of her misbehavior, she has received numerous penalties. So, it could be said that this had become a curse, especially with the video making viral headway and being seen by so many soccer fans and players alike.

While much can be found about the player online, mostly relating back to her career, there’s still no Wikipedia page written about her. There was a write-up posted on the Bleacher Report after the big game where she made fame and received the spotlight. But since then, it’s generally all old news.

Does Elizabeth Lambert have a family?

Elizabeth Lambert still hasn’t been seen for some time. Therefore, not much has publicly been released or is known about her.

There are no details available about whether or not she has kids. Lambert was married, but not much is known about her marriage or her husband either. Until Lambert makes herself available, it’s unlikely that these details will be disclosed to the world.

Where Lambert currently lives right now, one could only guess.

Did Elizabeth have any scandals in her private or professional life?

Again, because not much has been released today about the soccer player, we’re unsure about what she does for work or much about her personal life. This means that she may or not still be that same feisty character that she once was back in 2009 when the event occurred for which she was banned.

Perhaps she’s since calmed down, matured, and hasn’t been getting into bother at work or with personal matters. However, one could only presume as she still seems to be laying low.

Lambert hasn’t been active on Facebook, where she has gained a lot of traction in response to the game. The last action seen on the page of her account was dated the 18th of November 2009.