Do you need to be fit to windsurf?

16 September 2022

Windsurfing at first glance may seem like an extreme sport, difficult to learn, and that requires a lot of strength.

For this reason, many people think that before practicing this sport they must be in shape to be able to practice it. However, this is not entirely true.

Physical strength is not the only variable to define this. Windsurfing is a sport that mainly depends on good technique.

This means that if the focus is on learning good techniques, the sport can be practiced by most people, without the need for physical fitness.

Windsurfing will help you stay in shape

You do not need to be in shape to start practicing this sport practicing it will help you get in shape, and see changes in your energy and physique.

Windsurfing is an exercise that involves practically your entire body, which means that the effort is distributed throughout your body. It is a sport that requires physical energy more than being fit.

The priority should be to find a good instructor or an experienced friend, to help you start with a good technique. In this way, the sport will seem more comfortable and your learning will be much faster.

Even strength is not the main factor in this sport. Someone who executes a good technique will not need to use brute force to control or achieve certain movements.

Prioritizing good technique guarantees that you can stay in sports for longer, without too much agitation, muscle tension, or pain.

Windsurfing is demanding but you must try it

Another factor that will help you master this sport much faster is the technology.

There are important advances regarding windsurfing equipment, which now make it easier to learn the sport and allow more people to practice it and feel safe in the process.

If you think you would love to play this sport but feel it is too difficult for you, this is just a misconception.

In the 90s it was a more demanding sport, the sails were heavy and oversized and the boards were difficult to handle. Now the boards help you keep your balance and in general everything is lighter and safer to avoid injuries or damage.

This leaves behind the myth that windsurfing, being an extreme sport, is only for athletic or very young people. It isn’t, it’s just a sport that requires something new to learn.

You just have to decide to have your first experience in windsurfing and let it become a new adventure with a lot of sports learning.

This means that physical condition is not a gauge for possible performance in this sport, much less determines whether you will be able to carry out this activity or not.

If you feel like you have enough energy to hit the water and windsurf, don’t hesitate to venture out. This sport will help you improve your physical condition thanks to the fact that it is a complete sport that involves the mobility of your entire body.