What is Allen Iverson Doing Now?

Hailed as one of the all-time greatest players in the NBA, Allen Iverson’s career has left a significant mark on other players.

Iverson terrorized his opponents through his impeccable shooting and ball-handling abilities for several years. His outspoken persona and skills made him an iconic basketball player.

This is a great video of the best stories of other players about what a character Iverson really was:

In this post, you get to know both his personal and professional life after retirement.

Allen Iverson’s career post-NBA

Allen Iverson played his final NBA game against The Chicago Bulls and ended up losing the match.

He then joined Besiktas in 2010 on a 2-year contract for $4 million but left the team halfway through the first season for an injury which he never returned to play basketball from despite getting an additional offer from the Texas Legends.

He retired in 2013 from Besiktas.

Allen Iverson earned quite a lot of money during his career. Unfortunately, like so many other players, he failed to make the best out of it. A series of bad financial decisions left him vulnerable and unpredictable.

Some of the difficulties continue to spill over his life in other areas than his financials and he gets into a lot of legal troubles.

In short:

1 Iverson was arrested for carrying a weapon when stopped by police for speeding.

2 He threatened two men while he was looking for her wife after a family dispute and urinated into a can in a casino.

3 He had an argument with casino staff after he was mistakenly given chips in a poker hand. He did not agree to return them despite the rules saying the casino had every right to take them back in such an event.

4 His bodyguards assaulted a man in a Washington nightclub for not giving up his table for Iverson.

5 His bodyguards were accused of assault in yet another case which was dropped for no evidence.

6 Iverson was accused of kidnapping his own children.

While the declining phase in Iverson’s personal life has many variations, most people are convinced that he was the only person to be blamed. Reportedly, Iverson earned more than $150 million in salaries throughout his career. but he said that he can’t afford to buy a cheeseburger during the divorce hearing in 2012.

When he finally retired in 2013, Iverson said he doesn’t have regrets. Although he wished to take back things to normal, he knew that it was impossible. A report that surfaced in 2016 claimed that Iverson has been living a more settled personal life.

New business ventures

Iverson joined a cannabis company named Viola Brands in 2021 founded by AI Harrington, another former NBA player, which became the first black-owned cannabis brand.

Allen Iverson and the million-dollar deal with Reebok

Many people believe that a $32 million deal that Iverson signed several years ago with Reebok has saved the legend from going bankrupt as soon as his NBA career ended.

According to Darren Rovell, a business analyst at Action Network, Iverson can access $32 million in 2030 when he turns 55. Although the Philadelphia 76ers star player didn’t play basketball for more than ten years, Reebok is paying him around $800,000 per year and the best part about the deal is that Iverson will continue to receive funds throughout his lifetime.

Matt O’Toole, CEO of Reebok International Ltd in 2019 said that the company believes Iverson is a legend and iconic basketball player. And, he has a perfect personality that continues to impact many customers.

Iverson serves as a player-coach on Ice Cube`s Leauge

In 2017, it was announced that Iverson will become a player and coach for the 3-on-3 summer league Ice Cube. Iverson isn’t the only one to be featured on the team. The team comprises other retired NBA players.

In 2018, he quits coaching for scheduling reasons and is replaced by Michael Cooper, a five-time NBA champion.

He was not the longest-serving coach ever but no one can take away from him how great of a basketball player he truly was. The following interview with Iverson demonstrates some of his skills and shows us his personality:

In October 2021, Iverson expressed his surprise when the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t hire him after his retirement.

Some people opinioned that Iverson is more like a prop these days and gets paid while he advertises himself or specific brands.