What Is Ken Griffey Jr. Doing Now?

1 April 2022

Most baseball fans consider Ken Griffey Jr. to be one of the most talented and successful players ever. This 52-year-old legend is comfortably enjoying his post-retirement life, and the reason behind that is the Cincinnati Reds, the team he formerly represented, is still paying him even though he is no longer a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB).

Cincinnati Reds Continues To Pay Ken Even After He Has Retired

Sources report that in the 2022 season, Ken will be receiving a payment of approximately $3.6 million.

This will make Ken the team’s 7th-highest-paid player after Tyler Mahle (with $5.5 million) and Luis Castillo ($7.5 million). On the 16th of March, 2022, the Cincinnati Reds announced the addition of Mike Minor in the role of a pitcher on the team.

Mike will be paid $10 million in the 2022 season, which will put him at the spot of 3rd highest-paid Red player, just behind Joey Votto (with $25 million) and Mike Moustakas (with $16 million).

The Washington Post reported that the reason behind Ken being paid by Cincinnati Reds is a contract he signed in 2000 that caused his salary to be deferred in the form of payments to be made between 2009 and 2024.

There was no immediate response from those that represent the Cincinnati Reds when asked for comment by PEOPLE.

Ken’s father, Ken Griffey Sr., is another famous baseball player, under whose guidance Ken started playing (for the Seattle Mariners) in the MLB in 1989.

Awards received by the time he retired:

After leaving the Cincinnati Reds he represented the Chicago White Sox for a short period. At the time of retirement, Ken had bagged 7 `Silver Slugger awards, 10 `Gold Glove awards, and 13 All-Star Game selections, and had received an induction into the `National Baseball Hall of Fame (2016).

Because of the deferment, the Cincinnati Reds enjoy more payroll flexibility, and Ken Griffey Jr. has an assured salary for two more years.

Post Retirement Ken Becomes An Owner of the Seattle Mariners

For more than 10 years Ken Griffey Jr. enjoyed a successful on-field career representing the Mariners.

When Ken came back to play for Seattle Mariners his deteriorating performance on the field along with his lacking playing time became the reason for his abrupt retirement in 2010 (June).

At the end of his career, his batting average was .284, his home runs added up to 630, and he had batted in 1,836 runs.

Watch the video below that explains how good a swinger he was:

On October 25, 2021, this baseball Hall of Famer stepped up to join the ownership of the Seattle Mariners.

The announcement was made in the team’s press release. It mentioned that as a former player, Ken was the first to buy the Mariners stake. The purchase took several years to be realized.

John Stanton, Chairman for the Mariners, said that Ken Griffey Jr. had bought the shares from a minority owner, who continues to hold a Mariners’ stake.

While still waiting, the ownership idea became more real to Ken post his retirement in 2010. The Griffey family already became partial owners of the `Seattle Sounders group in 2020, after which Ken started talking to his friends including Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan to make further investments.

With this move, Ken has become the Mariners’ first new (investing) partner in more than 20 years.

Ken said in a statement that investing in the Mariners started with a conversation, which later snowballed into taking action, and finally he was able to achieve what he wanted. It was not a decision made overnight, and he had to patiently wait for the decision to turn into a reality.

Ken spoke about his excitement to be provided the chance of joining John Stanton (Chairman) and other members of the `Mariners partnership group’.

He added that this was a dream that had come true for him because he felt deeply related to the team, their fans, and Seattle city. He added that he intended to continue making contributions to the team and its success in every possible way.

Became Senior advisor to Rob Manfred

Earlier in January 2021, Ken Griffey Jr. has taken up the position of senior advisor to Rob Manfred (MLB Commissioner). Ken had earlier become one of the owners of `Seattle Sounders’ of the Major League Soccer in the month of November 2020.