Should NFL Cheerleaders Get Paid More? (Is $150 per Game Enough?

11 December 2021

Yes, NFL cheerleaders should make more. Many of us are familiar with NLF cheerleaders. We love their performance, and we can imagine how much NFL cheerleaders spend to perform well during the game. The cheerleaders entertain all and grab the attention of both players and the audience.

So do you know how much they make from their performance? They make a minimal amount. Yes, an average NFL cheerleader makes $150 per game day. For a public appearance, an NFL cheerleader gets only $50 to $75. We will know more about NFL cheerleaders’ salaries and jobs in the following.

How Much Does A NFL Cheerleader Make?

According to the available data, NFL cheerleaders can earn $150 for a game day. It is the estimated salary of an average cheerleader. However, newcomers might end up making less. Also, they do not perform every day. But, they will have to maintain their fitness and look to perform whenever needed.

The cheerleaders’ job is to deliver hot and sexy performances. They will have to perform in front of the public. NFL cheerleaders pay to look attractive and perform their best. But the minimal salary does not support the expenses of a cheerleader. Hence, cheerleaders cannot rely on their NFL performance for a living.

Why Should NFL Cheerleaders Make More?

Now, we have an idea about the salary of NFL cheerleaders. We know how much NLF cheerleaders earn from their performances. They make very little, and some teams pay below the minimum wage. Surprisingly, girls with stunning performances and attractive faces deserve to earn this much. They perform publicly and entertain all. But they earn below the minimum wage. Many of us cannot even believe that cheerleaders earn less than other staff of NFL games.

 Is There Any Improvement?

A lawsuit has brought this topic to the public. A current petition has addressed the salary issues of cheerleaders. It has also received support from different sections of people. Now, we know how much these attractive and well-performing cheerleaders make per game. After the petition and current developments, these girls might earn more. Even if they cannot earn like other NFL staff, they can find themselves in a better position.

According to a former cheerleader, she received $3,000 per season. These professionals deserve much more than they are earning now. Also, they need to spend on training, cosmetics, makeup, hairdressing, and other things. They will have to take care of their look, figure, and performance to stay in the industry. However, they earn a little to spend on those things that help to entertain the public and make the game more interesting.

In addition to their look, cheerleaders pay for their auditions. Yes, some NFL clubs ask cheerleaders to pay for their auditions. Also, we believe that the heads of cheerleaders earn more. Yes, the experience makes the professional earn around $75,000 for a season. However, if you compare this amount with average performers, you will find it pretty low. In brief, cheerleaders cannot make more regardless of their experience level.

We cannot imagine an NFL game without cheerleaders. They play a significant role and entertain all during the game. However, they get a little in return. Also, the issue remained unaddressed for a long. The lawsuit only expressed their concern. Currently, we all want cheerleaders to get their deserved earnings.

 How Do NFL Cheerleaders Entertain Audience?

What do cheerleaders do? Why do we need them during NFL games? Cheerleaders bring life and charm to an NFL game. They come as a female team and look super sexy and impressive. Also, their performances entertain all. Also, they maintain the charm and stir up movements and activities.

Cheerleaders inspire the audience and even players. They fan the flames of fun, enthusiasm, and excitement. The NFL teams, audience, and TV viewers love cheerleaders for their performance. You will find them full of energy all the time. They always try to give their best and entertain the public the most. They do not care about the surroundings and reaction of the audience. They keep performing and enjoy their performance as well.

Yes, cheerleaders might not play a determining role in the success of the NFL game. But they play a significant role and build the connection between players and the audience. They motivate both audience and players to perform their best.

Additionally, these cheerleaders perform occasionally in student sports clubs. Before their performance, they will gather at a point and do their makeup. They will change their costumes and prepare themselves for the performance. Yes, they take utmost care to look their best and entertain the audience with their performance. Also, cheerleaders attract more audiences to football games. Some fans come to watch matches and enjoy the game. Besides, audiences love the presence of cheerleaders. Hence, cheerleaders contribute to a section of the audience.

Salary of NLF Cheerleaders & Other NLF Staff

NFL cheerleaders attract more audiences to the game. They perform their best to create an entertaining and inspiring gaming setting. However, they are still not a part of the NFL staff. Yes, there is a noticeable difference between the salary of cheerleaders and minimum NFL wages. Cheerleaders earn less than the minimum NFL wages. You might know that an average NFL player makes around $2M per season. However, head coaches make much more than $7M. But how much do cheerleaders make?

It is not about players only. If you compare the salary of cheerleaders with the team’s mascot, you will feel disappointed. Yes, an NFL mascot makes around $25,000 per season. It might not be an impressive amount. But it is much more than a cheerleader’s salary. Next, we will come to the NFL waterboys. They earn $53,000 per year. Is there any comparison? No, cheerleaders make a minimal amount compared to other NFL staff. However, they perform in front of an audience.

 Do NFL Cheerleaders Deserve More?

Yes, they deserve much more than the current salary. Cheerleaders will always be a part of the game and entertain the audience. They deserve more respect and earning. The recent development might bring some positive changes!