What Do NFL Cheerleaders Do in the Off-Season?

11 December 2021

Most people know that NFL cheerleaders are some of the most famous athletes in the world. They’ve got killer dance moves, and perfect hair and they know how to throw a football like nobody’s business! But what do NFL cheerleaders do when they’re not performing on the field?

The off-season is a time for these athletes to take care of themselves and their bodies. It’s also a time for them to work on their fitness routines, practice new dance moves, and learn new football skills. But it’s not all work and no play! These fierce ladies will often use their downtime to go on vacations with their families, travel the world with friends, or just relax at home with some Netflix. This blog post will give you an inside look into what these women do during the off-season.

The Life of an NFL Cheerleader: Off Season Edition

We all know the off-season is a time for NFL cheerleaders to take care of their bodies and practice new dance moves. But what else is going on during this time?

It turns out, that the life of an NFL cheerleader during the off-season is pretty glamorous-they can travel with friends, spend time with family, and even watch Netflix.

NFL cheerleaders typically take about two months off after their season ends in February or March. They’ll use this time to heal up from any injuries they might have sustained while performing on the field.

But these ladies don’t just sit around eating bonbons during their break! During their downtime, NFL cheerleaders will work on their fitness routines, try new dance moves, or learn new football skills. Many also use this time to take vacations with friends and family. And some even use it as an opportunity to try out different diets.

What Do They Do in the Off Season?

The NFL season is long, so the off-season is a time for these athletes to recover. These women have to stay in shape and work on their physical fitness during the off-season, but they also make sure to spend time with their families and friends.

Many cheerleaders use this downtime to work on their dance moves, but some will also go on vacation or travel the world with friends. The off-season is a much-needed break where these women can take care of themselves, put their feet up, and relax.

So what do cheerleaders do during the offseason? They’re taking care of themselves by working out and spending quality time with family and friends.

How Do They Stay in Shape?

NFL cheerleaders devote a lot of time to staying in shape, and it starts the moment the season ends. They know that everyone is watching them, so they put in 110% of their time and effort to get back into shape.

In truth, not all NFL cheerleaders have a strict regime of dieting and exercise. Some find it easier to stick to a schedule with some help from an expert. A personal trainer will create a plan for you that works with your lifestyle and goals. So even if you’re busy while off-season or already have a hectic routine, a personal trainer can help you stay on track.

What Are Some of Their Favorite Things to Do in the Off-Season?

While NFL cheerleaders may seem like they’re always at work, they actually have a lot of free time during the off-season. They spend their time doing all sorts of things: working out and eating healthy, practicing dance moves and football skills, vacationing with friends and family, traveling the world, or just catching up on some Netflix.

Why Is It Important for Them to Have This Time Off?

Cheerleaders are some of the most hard-working women in the world. They’re constantly on the go, performing at football games, photoshoots, and events. They spend hours practicing new dance moves. That’s why it’s so important for them to have time off during the off-season!

Many NFL cheerleaders perform on their teams year-round. This means they never get a chance to rest or take care of themselves. During this time, it’s also common for them to start losing motivation or become burned out with their work or life in general.

That’s why it’s so important that these fierce ladies get rest and take care of their bodies during the offseason. A few months off will help them recharge and become even stronger than before. Many of these athletes use this time to do something different with their lives-like working on personal projects they’ve always wanted to do! It’ll make you feel refreshed when you come back to work ready for anything.

How Did They Get Started Doing This?

Cheerleading has been around for decades. It was originally a sideline activity but is now a highly competitive and respected sport in the U.S.

Most NFL cheerleaders have been part of the world of competitive dance since they were young children. They’ve been training in gymnastics, acrobatics, and modern dance from a very young age. In fact, most of them will have competed in competitions on the national level before they even get their audition for an NFL cheerleading team!

When these women aren’t cheering on their favorite team, they’re putting in hard work at practice or going to school to pursue a degree or certification that will be useful when their cheering days are over.

Charity work

Many NFL cheerleaders use their time to volunteer and give back in the off-season. For instance, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have been hosting a series of events that allow them to entertain children with cancer at their hospital during the holidays.

While many cheerleaders focus on charitable work during the offseason, this may not be an option for every team. In some cases, budgets are tight and charities don’t have funds to reimburse cheerleaders’ travel fees.

If you’re not sure what your options are, reach out to your team’s management for advice about how to get involved in charity work while also staying active this off-season.


People often wonder what NFL cheerleaders do in the off-season. The answer to that question is very different for each person, but it usually involves working on their personal fitness, traveling, and seeing family. For many cheerleaders, the off-season can last anywhere from three months to nine months. They also like to spend time away from the game making memories with family and friends.

NFL cheerleaders need to have this time off because they spend so much time away from their families and friends during the season. They like to go on long vacations, take dance classes, and hang out with their sisters when they’re together.