Is Arm Wrestling Strength or Technique?

25 September 2022

This question generates confusion when evaluating this sport. It is an important question, but it does not have an exact answer.

Strength and technique are aspects that define this sport, however, sometimes strength can be more important and sometimes technique.

Prominent fighters suggest that strength is developed in the gym, while the technique is learned at the competition table, that is, in hand-to-hand practice.

What matters more, strength or technique?

Mainly it can depend on the person. There are people who are better at this sport by applying technique and not so much force because they manage to take advantage of it well with their types of levers.

On the other hand, there are people who need to develop a lot of strength to be able to apply the technique.

What comes first, strength or technique?

The technique should be the main aspect of this sport. It is a priority to learn and use the technique well.

The technique is the first thing that is addressed and practiced when you start training to be an arm wrestler.

It is important to have force, but at the beginning, you will realize that you must learn to apply that force with the proper technique, or you will risk applying brute force and your opponent will take advantage of it.

Implementing good technique is the way to avoid injuries because the technique is designed to help multiply force, taking care not to generate harmful movements.

Depending on the technique you use you can outmatch your opponent to a large extent with the technique, even though the opponent has more strength than you. The technique can multiply your strength and allow you to hold on for longer.

On the other hand, if you only implement a force with poor technique, you will be in the fight for a short time, your arm will get tired and your opponent will be able to beat you.

Another benefit of the technique is that you can adapt it, depending on your types of lever, and the height of your arms, hands, and fingers. You can modify your natural levers to one that benefits you the most.

 A sport of strength

 In short, it is a sport of strength, the technique is important but without strength, you will not be able to apply a technique.

You may learn technique but when it comes to practicing you need strength to execute and win in combat. In this aspect, strength is more important, if you want to win you must exert as much force as possible.

It is important to start practicing this sport by prioritizing technique, but keeping in mind that strength is the defining element to beating your rivals.

Strength is an aspect that takes longer to develop, it can take a couple of years to get to the level of strength you want, while the technique is learned more quickly.

For this reason, the most important element in this sport is strength, but the main thing is to learn and develop the proper technique.

However, if you start this sport and your strength is not initially strong, do not be discouraged, in the same way, you can become one of the greats if you are constant.