Do Arm Wrestlers Break Each Other’s Arms?

25 September 2022

Sporting arm wrestling is popular all around the globe. The fact that it is exhilarating and requires no specialized gear has contributed to its widespread appeal.

Two opponents face each other with their hands clasped in a competitive stance. Afterward, they put their elbows on the table and try to bring the other player’s arm down. Humeral shaft fractures and other injuries are possible during the sport.

How To Make Sure You Win

Most arm wrestling contests are decided in the first few seconds of the match. Thus a quick, strong start is crucial. Increase your leverage by bending your wrist forward. As a general rule, your opponent will attempt to “push” your arm down, but you may defeat him by “pulling” his arm towards you, which puts strain on his forearm.

The Dangers of Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling amateurs often suffer fractures to the humeral shaft. This fracture has no correlation with the players’ positions or the game’s stage. Arm wrestlers face a higher risk of humeral shaft fractures. They should be aware of the issue and instructed to mitigate it

It’s no secret that arm wrestling is a risky sport. Still, it’s also becoming more popular as a kind of entertainment. In Australia, Ex-National Rugby League star Ben Ross learned that a fracture of the humerus, or upper arm, is one of the most prevalent injuries.

His own broken arm was captured on tape and is now one of many examples of terrible arm-wrestling injuries available online. Moreover, this is not simply a problem for males; arm wrestling women also often appear with fractures.

Ross has suffered a humeral shaft break, the most frequent kind of arm break seen in the emergency room. How, therefore, can something as innocuous as a playful arm wrestling result in a broken arm?

Much of this can be explained by physics. Imagine levers, bracing, and forces acting in opposition. Pressure is applied to the upper arm bone. In contrast, the shoulder joint of the arm wrestler rotates in opposition to the elbow joint, which remains bent and stationary. The humerus is under tremendous stress, according to Dr. John Arnold, at the University of South Australia.

“As you attempt to press against the other person while keeping your elbow still, you risk twisting your humerus. “The humerus is being asked to do the work that the elbow would typically do. A spiral fracture is the typical outcome of a twisted humerus. When this occurs, a bone is sure to shatter spectacularly and horribly, and everyone is in for a rude awakening.

Dr. Arnold said, “It’s very unpleasant, particularly the loud snap.”

Surgical fixation using metal screws and plates, followed by a suitable time of rehabilitation, is the standard treatment for most fractures resulting from arm wrestling.

How to Armwrestle Without Hurting Your Arm

If you want to keep your arms safe when arm wrestling, maintain it perpendicular to the body and lined up with your shoulder. You won’t have to crane your neck to see your arm if you’re in the right spot.