Is Andre de Grasse Retired?

19 May 2022

If you are wondering if the temptation hit yet, and if Andre de Grasse has retired, this is the right article to read as we will examine closely what he is up to. The 27-year-old Canadian world-class sprinter definitely conquered the track world in Tokyo winning three gold medals and establishing himself as the sole heir to the throne that was vacated by Usain Bolt when Bolt retired.

For any high-level athlete, the temptation to go out on top is a strong draw. Exceptions like Tom Brady aside, there’s nowhere to eventually go but down once you’ve conquered your sport, and for many icons, the fall from athletic grace is both bumpy and undignified.

Is De Grasse retired?

The answer is that de Grasse has definitely heard the siren’s song of life beyond sprinting, and he has considered several other ventures that would indicate an impending retirement. As of now, though, de Grasse remains active, so let’s take a deeper dive and look at what’s on his mind as he weighs his future going forward.

His Background

A Canadian immigrant, de Grasse actually grew up in the Toronto area playing soccer while growing up. He was late to the party when it came to running, but when he switched sports his talent became obvious.

The gold medals vaulted him into a different universe, athletically speaking, and the downtime de Grasse has been forced to endure during the pandemic has given him a long window to consider both his athletic mortality along with the opportunities at hand.

He’s not retired yet, and de Grasse certainly has been keeping busy. He’s handling a dozen sponsorships while managing his charitable foundation, and de Grasse has said several times in the last year that he’s also strongly contemplating writing a book.

De Grasse`s family life

Family life is high on his agenda right now, too. His partner is Nia Ali, the current champion in the 100-meter hurdles, and the couple is raising three children as de Grasse considers his next move.

Going forward, de Grasse will have to conquer some formidable athletic issues that actually go beyond the track. His coach, Rana Reider is currently being investigated by the US Center for SafeSport for sexual misconduct.

In some sports that might not be hugely significant, but in the track it’s critical. The relationship between a sprinter like de Grasse and his coach is pivotal, largely because the minute adjustments in stride and training tactics can be the split-second difference between success and failure.

De Grasse is well aware of just how important this aspect of his life is right now. He refers to himself as a “middle age sprinter,” and he’s turned to a Vancouver-based sports company, Plantiga, to spot several microscopic imbalances in his stride to smooth out his gait and put less stress on his hamstrings. To deal with the changes in his routine, de Grasse and Ali moved to Jacksonville so that he could focus on his training, and they actually built a gym in their garage.

Upcoming events to focus on

Event-wise, de Grasse is focused on some upcoming races that will allow him to gauge his readiness for the upcoming world championships this summer in Eugene, Oregon. Beyond that, de Grasse is structuring his racing and training schedule in a way that will allow him to peak for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Given the timeline of his unique running career, de Grasse knows that those Olympics will likely be his last. He’s struggled with hamstring issues in the past, so dealing with that issue is one of the priorities in his training.

Getting ready for his time after his active years

When it comes to his business career, de Grasse knows his window of opportunity as a celebrity athlete will be a short one, and as a result, he’s focused on taking more control over his destiny when it comes to the sponsorships and business opportunities he takes on.

He knows he won’t get the long-term deals that athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB can count on, and he understands what comes with life as the heir to Usain Bolt’s sprinting throne.

Despite the pressure, it’s highly unlikely that de Grasse will get rattled. He’s known for his preternatural cool and Zen-like demeanor on the track, and he’s more or less the opposite of most typical high-strung sprinters, many of whom are known for talking trash and making outrageous statements.

Instead, de Grasse lets his performance speak for him. He knows time isn’t on his side when it some to the length of his run as a sprinter, but he’s determined to make the most of it until retirement inevitably comes calling.