How Much Does Wrestling Schools Cost in the US?

21 December 2021

The cost of wrestling schools in the US can range from $150 per month or $4,000 per year. It depends on where you go, how they price their classes, organize their curriculum, and whether they offer payment plans or not. Ergo, the prices come in a wide and vast range.

There is at least one good and qualified school in every state. But, of course, some are better than others. Also, it’s important to note that just because a school costs more doesn’t mean you will receive a better wrestling education. That said, the ones with a heftier price tag do offer more guarantees.

What Is the Average Price for Attending Wrestling School in the US?

Unfortunately, there is no general price that goes across the board for wrestling schools in the United States. It varies by who’s running the school and how many famous wrestlers the school produced as well as other factors.

Not only does this include individual business practices about pricing, but it also entails the school curriculum. At the very least, expect to budget $100 out of pocket every month. However, the average for professional famous wrestling schools can run between $2,500 and $5000 per year.

That said, this is a simple ballpark figure. There are many schools that don’t even list the cost of their prices and don’t offer you a quote until you apply. Or, they’re very vague about it.

Detailed Cost Breakdown of Top Wrestling Schools

Wrestling School Location Cost Details Updated Cost
Black and Brave Wrestling Academy Davenport, IA 3-month training, payment plans available $3,500 total
Create-A-Pro Hicksville, NY Different tiers for beginners to advanced $1,000 for four months (beginners)
Nightmare Factory Norcross, GA 12-week training camp, payment plans available $4,500 total
Reality of Wrestling Houston, TX Focus on children, occasional camps Costs vary, camps around $100
School of Morton Chuckey, TN Direct training with Ricky Morton First class $400, subsequent sessions $20
Wild Samoan Training Center Minneola, FL Comprehensive programs for various roles $5,000 per year (pro wrestling training)

There are many excellent wrestling schools across the US. Some are notorious because of the famous instructors they have while others are local schools to get your feet wet. But the six schools below are some of the most recommended.

1. Black and Brave Wrestling Academy

Nestled in Davenport, IA, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy offers training that completes in three months. It costs $3,500 total but you can break it up into two payments of $1,750. You must submit the first payment within 30 days of your acceptance into the school and then the second payment before your first class.

You attend class in the late morning into the early parts of the afternoon. Students also get to go to various wrestling shows around the Midwest. They will have the opportunity to perform after sufficient training and passing the courses.

2. Create-A-Pro

Located in Hicksville, NY, Create-A-Pro has a solid curriculum with different price tiers depending on the difficulty level. They charge $1,000 for four months with beginners. But, their intermediate training costs $200 per month while their advanced training or open ring sessions are $100 per month.

Bryan Myers and Pat Buck run the school, both of which have extensive careers in the world of wrestling, particularly with WWE. You’ll get a full and comprehensive education from people who know what they’re doing.

3. Nightmare Factory

The 12-week training camp offered by the Nightmare Factory in Norcross, GA is comprehensive and requires a definitive commitment. It costs $4,500 if you pay in full or you can make a partial ½ payment of $2,250. You train with QT Marshall, Cody Rhodes, and Glacier.

It’s not clear exactly what you’ll learn or what’s involved, but it’s sure to up your game by leaps and bounds. You can see how their students perform in the plethora of showcase videos they have published on YouTube. This should provide a well-rounded view of what you will learn.

4. Reality of Wrestling

Owned and operated by Booker T., the Reality of Wrestling School offers many options for kids and adults. But, the focus is on children. While the prices for their individual classes are uncertain, they do offer camps from time to time that cost around $100 for a day’s worth of learning.

Whether in a class or a camp, you’ll learn the basics of wrestling. It’s a good program to get one’s feet wet before making a plunge into a commitment. So, if you’re not sure about wrestling, this would be most ideal.

5. School of Morton

Based in Chuckey, TN, the School of Morton is run by none other than Ricky Morton himself. You learn and train directly with him but at a very steep price. Your first class is $400 with your first subsequent session costing $20. It’s unclear what the rest of the prices are as they are very vague, but the FAQ definitely informs potential students that it will be expensive.

Ricky Morton is a famous pro wrestler known for his work in tag team and singles wrestling. He has worldwide acclaim and a vast wealth of knowledge. You can give him a call or send an email through the website for more information.

6. Wild Samoan Training Center

Run by the world-famous wrestler, Afa the Wild Samoan, and his family, the Wild Samoan Training Center has not only created some of the best pro wrestlers but also features impressive teachers and instructors. You’re getting a top-notch wrestling education while upping your skills.

They have a very comprehensive price list that’s clear and well-stated. For adults, the registration fee is $20 with a tryout fee of $500. They offer a $500 discount on regular tuition for military veterans. You will have to fill out an application and sign a contract before training can begin.

Then it depends on what you want to do. There’s pro wrestling training that costs $5,000 per year. But, there’s also valet, manager, or referee training which all cost $4,000. You can also train to become a ring announcer and color commentator for $2,000.


As you can see, the cost of wrestling schools in the US varies depending on who’s running the school, how they choose to work out pricing, and the kind of curriculum they offer. You could pay as little as $50 per class for kids but adult classes will be exponentially more. In many cases, you’re looking at spending a couple of thousand dollars.