Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Running?

21 December 2021

If you’ve packed your gym bag for the day and noticed that you’ve only packed wrestling shoes, you may be wondering if you can wear them while running. It’s not recommended to wear wrestling shoes for running because they are not designed to offer proper support for the arch of your feet.

One thing athletes have to go knowing what shoes they can wear for which activity. If you didn’t think the type of shoe mattered, you’re in for a big surprise. Each athletic activity requires different motions from the feet, which is why each type of shoe is designed to offer a different level of support.  

As we go through this page, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t wear wrestling shoes while running.

Why should you avoid wearing wrestling shoes for running?

Wearing your wrestling shoes for a lap around the track could leave you in a lot of pain. This could leave your feet too sore to participate in other activities. Why is this?

The main reason why is because wrestling shoes are designed to be worn on the mat. There is no support for the arcs of your feet as your run in them. Many wrestlers in training have made the mistake of not bringing running shoes to their training session. 

While running in your wrestling shoes, it’s very likely that you will experience pain in your calves and feet. One of the worst parts is how easy it is to get a blister from running in these shoes. 

What are wrestling shoes?

Wrestling shoes are a lot different than your regular walking shoes. These shoes are designed to provide the ultimate level of support for wrestlers while they are on the mat while also keeping them safe from injury. For this reason, a wrestling shoe is designed to mimic the shape of the athlete’s foot.

One of the ways to sport a wrestling shoe is by how light and flexible they feel. While they look like a heavier athletic style of shoe, they are very lightweight. However, these shoes are very durable for wrestling. They are able to provide more traction to keep the wrestler balanced on the mat. This prevents them from slipping and getting hurt.

Wrestling shoes vs running shoes- What is the difference?

When it comes down to the difference between wrestling shoes vs running shoes, the main difference stems down to what area the shoe provides the most support for. The wrestling shoes are designed to provide the athlete with more protection around their ankles. This helps to keep them steady while practicing wrestling moves and positions.

Running shoes, on the other hand, are designed to protect the arch of your foot as you run. There is extra cushioning at the toe and the heel to provide as much support to your feet as possible when running. Over the years, running shoes have become very common to wear casually because they keep people’s feet supported and comfortable as they walk around.

Can you wear wrestling shoes every day?

It’s not recommended to wear wrestling shoes off the mat. The main reason why is the lack of support for your feet. As you walk around daily, the lack of support can cause problems for your feet, legs, and lower back. While these issues may start small, over time they can develop into serious problems.

The problem with wrestling shoes is that they often aren’t labeled as strictly wrestling shoes. Many companies will put them in the same section as other shoes. This can leave inexperienced buyers at risk because wrestling shoes are very easy to mistake for skateboarding shoes or basketball shoes. If a person doesn’t review the labels before buying, they may end up with the wrong type of shoes.

Why is it frowned upon to wear wrestling shoes off the mat?

We’ve mentioned in this article how wearing wrestling shoes for running or casual wear can leave you with aches and pains. However, what we have yet to mention is how it’s frowned upon to wear wrestling shoes off of the mat. This isn’t just wrestling etiquette, it’s about safety for you and the other wrestlers who compete on the mat.

If you were to wear your wrestling shoes running, they would pick up pieces of dirt and debris. Once you wear the same shoes again on the wrestling mat, that dirt and debris will be spread to the mat. While this may not sound like too big of an issue, it actually causes a health and safety concern. 

There is a lot of bacteria that spreads from the bottom of a shoe that’s been outdoors. When this bacteria gets spread along with the wrestling mat, it could lead to problems for the people competing on the mat. This is because the competitors will be down on the mat where their skin and possibly their eyes could come in contact with the bacteria.

For wrestling matches, it’s important to keep the mat clean for all matches. One of the easiest ways to maintain this is by restricting your wrestling shoe use to only the wrestling mat.

Final thoughts- Are wrestling shoes good for running?

If you have a new pair of wrestling shoes, you’re likely excited to start wearing them. While these shoes may look stylish, they should not be worn for running. These shoes do not provide the right level of support to keep your feet safe while running. You could end up with sore feet and back, or even an injury. This can all be prevented by wearing proper running shoes.

It is also poor sportsmanship to wear wrestling shoes running. This is because they can pick up a lot of dirt and debris, which gets spread to the mat. A lot of wrestlers have a problem with this because they don’t want to compete on a dirty mat in which they could possibly wind down face first on. This is why you should never wear wrestling shoes running.