Dribble Up: Does It Work With Any Ball?

As young athletes strive to become the best they can be, many families are looking for ways to supplement their training outside of practice. Dribble Up is a fantastic app that provides thousands of practice drills and sessions in basketball, soccer, and other sports – but one common question pops up: Will it work with any ball? Fortunately, the answer is yes; however, some limitations do apply.

Does Dribble Up work with any ball?

The Dribble Up app is versatile and compatible with a variety of balls, like basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs. Yet for the best experience possible, we highly recommend that you purchase the Dribble Up Smart Ball which contains a sensor to accurately track your progress while providing valuable feedback along the way!

How does the Smart Ball enhance the Dribble Up experience?

The Smart Ball is an essential part of the Dribble Up experience, as its design makes it accurate and responsive to your progress. The sensor in the ball measures variables such as speed, control, and spin while providing instant feedback. Also, with a Bluetooth connection to the Dribble Up app, you can track your improvement over time and access tailored drills for training sessions!

Can I still use Dribble Up without the Smart Ball?

Of course, you can still use the Dribble Up app even without a Smart Ball. The application provides tons of drills and practices that you could do with any type of ball. Nevertheless, tracking your growth will be more difficult since it won’t give as much feedback in comparison to what the Smart Ball would offer.


Ultimately, Dribble Up is a multifaceted app suitable for various balls. However, the Smart Ball provides you with an advantage that other balls don’t have; its sensor allows you to observe your development and receive timely feedback on your exercises. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the Dribble Up application and offers personalized drills as well as exercise sessions. To sum up, if you’re looking for top-notch home training solutions designed specifically for young athletes – look no further than Dribble Up!