Swing for the Fences: Comparing Blast Baseball and Diamond Kinetics

25 January 2023

No matter your level of baseball expertise, having the correct tools and technology can have a huge impact on your performance. Two popular products to aid in this are Blast Baseball and Diamond Kinetics – but which one is right for you? In order to help make this decision easy, let’s take an up-close look at what each product has to offer!

Blast Baseball

If you’re looking to upgrade your batting game, then Blast Baseball is the perfect tool for you! This sensor-based training system attaches securely to the end of your bat and collects data about each swing. Afterward, this data syncs with a comprehensive app that provides detailed analytics plus personalized coaching and drills. On top of that, there are plenty more features in store:

  • Real-time swing data: The sensor records swing data such as speed, plane trajectory, bat angle, and other factors to accurately depict your performance.
  • Video analysis: With this app, you can get a video analysis of your swing and observe how your technique looks in motion.
  • Personalized coaching: The app provides tailored coaching and drills based on your swing analysis, allowing you to concentrate on the places that require more attention.
  • Bat sensor: It’s simple to affix the sensor to the end of your bat, allowing you to make use of any existing bats you have.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics is a sensor-based solution for baseball players to improve their performance. You can attach the device at the end of your bat and collect valuable information on every single swing you take, which will be sent to an app containing in-depth analytics and videos that track your progress. Some of its most outstanding features are:

  • Swing metrics: With its array of sensors, this tool captures data on your swing speed, bat path, hand velocity, and more to give you a comprehensive view of how well your swing is operating.
  • Video analysis: This app allows you to witness your golf swing technique through video analysis, helping you perfect your form and performance.
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  • Swing library: Think you’re the best? Compare your swing to those of pros with our app’s library of swings from professional players!
  • Bat sensor: Installing the sensor to your bat is effortless, ensuring that you can use it with any existing bats in your collection.

Which is better for you?

When deciding between Blast Baseball and Diamond Kinetics as your go-to training tool, it’s important to consider their unique differences.
We have a full post about the best baseball training apps. Read it here.. Both boast high-quality services that will help you upgrade your swing mechanics; however, there are some noteworthy dissimilarities to take into account before making a final decision:

  • For those interested in tailored training and drills, Blast Baseball should be the go-to. The app offers personalized coaching adapted to your swing data – making it an ideal choice for novice and intermediate players alike. Furthermore, the comprehensive feedback system will assist you reach new heights with your batting prowess!
  • If you are seeking to maximize the accuracy of your swing, Diamond Kinetics may be the ideal choice. The sensor acquires data on more features and characteristics of your hitting technique such as hand speed and bat path which can prove extremely beneficial for seasoned or advanced players.
  • If you’re on a budget but still want to track your swings and improve performance, consider Blast Baseball. Its sensor and app cost less than Diamond Kinetics – giving you an economical way to progress as a player!


When it comes to honing your game and perfecting your swing mechanics, Blast Baseball and Diamond Kinetics are both reliable options. While Blast Baseball provides personalized coaching and drills that allow a more customized approach, Diamond Kinetics offers detailed swing metrics for those needing an in-depth analysis of technique. The choice between the two ultimately depends on what you’re looking to get out of the experience – if personalized training is important to you as a beginner or intermediate player, then consider selecting Blast Baseball as your go-to tool!

Are you an experienced player seeking more comprehensive swing analytics? If so, Diamond Kinetics could be the optimal option for you. Regardless of which product appeals to your needs and budget, both can assist in enhancing your performance on the court. Consequently, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to evaluate each carefully before deciding. With either one of these choices, you’ll be making strides toward hitting more home runs and improving your game!