Do Long Arms Help in Arm Wrestling?

25 September 2022

Arm wrestling is a game that tests your strength, endurance, and technique. It’s not just about having long arms. It also revolves around skill, timing, and speed. That being said, it is an advantage if you have longer arms as the reach of your arms is crucial in tackling the opponent.

Arms are usually extended during arm wrestling to catch the other person’s wrist before they can get their hand locked with yours. The goal is to push the other person’s hand further away from you then they can return it to get your hand locked with theirs.

Having long arms simply means you have a better reach which allows you more space for maneuvering once you extend your hands towards your opponent’s wrist. Having shorter arms does not mean there’s no chance for you to win against someone with longer arms but, in most cases, people with longer limbs tend to have an upper hand.

Longer Arms Mean Longer Reach

It is quite common for arm wrestlers to believe that having a longer forearm is beneficial, and it often is if you know how to use it. In arm wrestling, the goal is to apply force in order to move your opponent toward a pin pad.

A taller arm wrestler can force their opponent to ‘climb over their hand or go through it with sheer side pressure because their forearm is longer. It does not make it any easier for you to pin your opponent, but it may make it more difficult for your opponent to pin you down.

The technique is More Important than the Size

Having a first-hand advantage is important in arm wrestling, but there are many other things that matter more than the size of your arms. Having a strong grip of the wrist and hand, excellent grip strength and good wrist movement are all important. Having a strong grip helps to maintain control over the wrist during the match.

If your wrist grip is strong, you have a better chance of catching the other person’s hand and pushing it towards you. Grip strength is often underestimated.

Most people assume that strength is only related to the muscles found in their upper body. In reality, grip strength is just as important and is often neglected when it comes to strengthening your hands. Wrist strength is also important because it determines how far you can push the other person’s hand towards you. If your wrist is weak, you won’t be able to push your opponent’s hand far enough and will most likely lose.

Arm Wrestling Grip

The grip you use while arm wrestling can greatly influence the match. Gripping too tightly can result in cramping and pain in your hand while gripping too loosely can lead to your opponent gaining control. The right arm wrestling grip is a middle ground between the two.

Your hand should be relaxed but still, have a firm grip. Your thumb, index finger, and middle finger should be gripping tightly while your pinky finger and ring finger should be relaxed. You should apply pressure with your hand and wrist to ensure a tight grip. A loose grip is the most common mistake people make during arm wrestling.