Can You Bend Your Wrist In Arm Wrestling?

Today, arm wrestling competitions are hosted globally, and they come with a complex set of rules. It is certainly not the same as a friendly game of arm wrestling. Also, contrary to popular notion, strong force or intense strength aren’t the only factors behind a pro-arm wrestler.

While being strong is imperative, you also need to master the right techniques to arm wrestle your way out like a champion. Other factors that will help you stand out include excellent leverage, instinctive actions, and quick strategies.

Once you bear these factors in mind and incorporate them into your game, you are an edge ahead of everyone else. In the following few sections, we will discuss some common arm-wrestling rules in detail so that you are well aware of what you are getting into.

Bending wrist

One of the first instincts in arm wrestling is to bend the wrist of your competitor. But is this legitimate? According to some games across the world, you can bend your competitor’s wrist in arm wrestling but only after the competition commences. When you successfully bend the wrist of your opponent it would be called hooking.

However, in some other games across the globe, you are charged foul every time you bend your wrists. And that’s not all! You are also not allowed to move fingers around or set a new grip after your referee has already established a grip.

In case you slip the grip with clear intention to do so, you would be charged a foul. Additionally, you would get a foul in case you lean on and move across the middle line of the wrestling table. Finally, you are charged foul if your sportsmanship is poor or if you insult or disrespect your opponent or referee with foul language.

So, should you bend your wrist?

Because bending the wrist is a slippery slope, it is best to confirm with the officials of your game about the process. Check if it is actually legitimate in the game or whether it can lead up to a foul. Once you are well aware of this, you can play the game more confidently and judiciously. Because you also know about the other actions that might lead to fouls, you are certainly an edge over your competitors.

How to win a wrestling game?

You can win wrestling matches with several quick techniques. For instance, you can pin your opponent down, force their hand, or touch across the touchpad, among others.

When do you lose a wrestling game?

In case you have committed two back-to-back fouls in your match, you will end up losing the game. Other rules will apply depending on where you are participating in the game.

Bottom Line

Well, that was all you needed to know about arm wrestling rules and now that you know them, you will be an edge ahead of your competitors in your next game. Just follow the correct guidelines and you’re all set for a competition where you will go by the rules and yet win the game with your excellent techniques and foresight.