Can an Apple Watch Track Rock Climbing Activities?

Even though the well-known Apple Watch series is meant more as a fashion accessory than as a highly specialized sports watch, you can still wear one while doing outdoor activities. In fact, if you are just starting out with climbing, an Apple watch could be a very helpful companion. The watch is very good at navigating and comes with an accurate GPS. It can also work with a number of other GNSS systems. A distress SOS signal may be sent anytime it’s needed thanks to the LTE connection.

Overall, it’s an excellent watch for recreational rock climbing or indoor bouldering because of its lightweight portability and the fact that it comes with tracking features.

A watch designed specifically for rock climbing is not something you can replace with an Apple Watch. It isn’t strong enough to handle the wear and tear of climbing outside, and the battery life isn’t long enough for lengthy climbing sessions.

In this post, we will discuss more if an Apple watch really does track rock climbing and how you can protect it during the activity.

Does Apple Watch Track Rock Climbing?

Sadly, there isn’t a pre-set or specific training option for rock climbing on Apple Watches. On the other hand, you can add a new physical activity to the watch so that it can keep track of it.

Here are step-by-step on to do it:

  • Click “Add Workout” to add a new workout.
  • Click the “Create” button after giving your exercise a name.
  • When you start this exercise, the Apple Watch will now keep track of how long it lasts, as well as your heart rate, how many calories you burn, and more.

You can choose “Hiking” from the list of workouts that are already made. This workout mode will work well for the vast majority of climbs you do because it is made to measure changes in elevation. If you want to get the most out of your Apple Watch, it’s highly recommended that you use third-party apps from the Apple Play store.

What apps are best for tracking rock climbing activities?

Pinnacle Climb Log

When it comes to rock climbing apps, Pinnacle Climb Log has quickly become the industry standard. This app is made to keep track of your ascensions and keep a record of each one you finish. It has a huge database of climbing routes from all over the world, and you can use the GPS on your watch to keep track of where you climbed.

It also talks about the Apple Health App and the Workout App, and it uses the Apple HealthKit to figure out your heart rate and how many calories you burn. You will get “Activity Rings” for each climbing session for which you can show proof.

Red point

When you add Redpoint to an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, it becomes a complete bouldering and climbing tracker. Ice Climbing, Bouldering, Multi Rope (Alpine), Top Rope, Sport Climbing, and Trad Climbing are all types of climbing that have been recorded. There are also records of other climbing activities. It also works with HealthKit, which makes it easy to sync data with the Health and Workout app that Apple offers.

As you climb, you will be able to keep track of a wide range of information, such as your overall height, heart rate, time, maximum ascent height, pace, and climb difficulty. The app also works as a climbing coach, giving you tips while you’re bouldering and detailed feedback on how you’re doing in general. Fees are charged for more advanced services like personalized advice and workout plans.

What is the best Apple Watch for rock climbing?

All of the most recent models of the Apple Watch come with a barometer, altimeter, and compass, as well as a reliable GPS connection. This makes them great for activities like rock climbing. Some go for the new Apple Watch 7, but if you already have a Series 5 or 6, those will work just as well for you. You could also use a Series 3 watch, but it has no compass.

Should I buy a screen protector for my Apple watch for rock climbing?

The Apple Watch doesn’t need a screen protector because the screen is scratch-resistant to some extent. You can always add one if you feel like you need to feel even safer. The watch will be safe from damage from falls and dents.

If you want to use the watch for outdoor activities like rock climbing, you should think about buying a case to protect it from scratches and shocks. Also, you need to buy a sturdy case for the watch to keep it safe.