How Much Does Techne Futbol Cost?

24 September 2022

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that many people want to improve at the game. Of course, you can improve your game by trial and error. However, if you want to improve fast and efficiently, one of the best options is to learn from professionals or coaches. And, that’s what Techne Futbol is all about.

In a nutshell, Techne Futbol is an app that helps link coaches with regular people to improve their game.

Techne Futbol – How Much Does It Cost?

At this time, the annual fee is $276 ($23/month). Coming Soon will be a monthly subscription option with a price of $37 per month, as well as Team Membership, with prices ranging from $3 – $7 per participant.

The membership fee includes the following:

* A link to the Techne Futbol app, where you may create your own profile.

* Sessions of weekly technical instruction and teachings on how to go about the process of becoming an expert.

* Some cool goodies, including a Techne tee, wireless headphones, training socks, and more

* Use of the training system, which includes a scoreboard and a timer to help you reach your objectives.

How It Works

* Sign up – currently, only annual subscriptions are available for signup.

* Start training – You’ll get a 30-minute technical training session once a week and may do it as often as you want during the week. The amount of space and equipment needed for the session is few. To make it more manageable during hectic

weeks with plenty of team programming, you may split it into three 10-minute chunks (juggling, dribbling, and wall work).

Another option is to work through the whole session daily throughout the off-season. You’ll be responsible for organizing and planning how you’ll go through the weekly session. Audio cues will guide you through the workout, telling you when to start, stop, and log your progress. You may learn the ropes of the system with the help of video demonstrations and textual explanations of each assignment.

* Track your progress – it will be simple to log your results from different workouts, monitor your development over time, and check out the leaderboards to see how you stack up against other players of varying ages and skill levels. An upcoming feature is the ability to make notes for yourself on the different exercises or discuss with other community members regarding the next weekly session.

* Compete – during the training program, you will be required to compete in many different time trials so that your technical aptitude and competence may be evaluated.

* Get feedback – joining the program will also mean that you’ll be able to get crucial feedback from professional players and coaches. These feedbacks are essential if you want to speed up your progress as much as possible.

* Accrue hours – your training time will be recorded and is an integral part of the system. Players who have spent significant time training will be eligible for unique opportunities and perks.

Wrapping It All Up

At the time of writing this, Techne Futbol costs $276 per year. However, the company has announced that there will be more payment options in the future.