Why Are Nike Dunks So Expensive?

Looking for a brand-new pair of Nike Dunks? Well, it probably won’t be long before you realize that these shoes are incredibly expensive. We are talking hundreds of dollars. So, why are Nike Dunks so expensive? Are they really worth that price? Let’s take a look.

They Are Nike Branded

Right off the bat, Nike Dunks are Nike-branded shoes. As with most products from Nike, they are always going to command a premium. People spend cash on the brands that they wear, and Nike understands this.

Not only that, but Nike spend a whopping amount of cash on marketing their products, as well as research and development of everything that they sell. This is something that needs to be reflected in the price of the Nike Dunks. 

They Are Good Shoes

Good shoes tend to be a bit more expensive. Sure, Nike Dunks are not going to be the most mind-blowing shoes on the market. However, there is no denying that they feel good on their feet. They are going to be incredibly comfortable to wear.

Obviously, this was a shoe that was designed for playing basketball way back in the 1950s. Even today, the shoe is going to work incredibly well on the basketball court. Not that many people are going to be taking them out on the court. They tend to be used more as a style shoe nowadays. In fact, no. Scratch that. These shoes aren’t just used for style. They are used for making money, although we will talk more about that in a short while. 

They Are Rare

Nike Dunks are rare.

Every so often, Nike will release these shoes at retail. However, they never stick around for long. In fact, we don’t think we have ever seen Nike Dunks be in stock for more than a few hours, at least in the United States.

The main reason why they are snapped up so quickly is that Nike has created somewhat of a ‘cult’ behind the shoes. Ever since the 1950s, Nike Dunks have been marketed as a collector’s item. 

In addition to this, Nike has been releasing countless designs for the shoes. When there are a variety of designs for a shoe that is already a collector’s piece, you can bet your bottom dollar that the vast majority of Nike Dunks will end up in the hands of collectors.

To be honest, if you are able to pick up your Nike Dunks directly from Nike, then the price is very affordable. They are no more expensive than other Nike shoes. However, the problem is that the average person isn’t really going to have an opportunity to pick up the shoes directly from Nike. Instead, they are going to need to head to those resellers, that is where the big prices are going to be, which leads us neatly to the last point. 

People Know That They Can Demand The Price That They Are Charging 

The only people that stand a reasonable chance of getting their hands on newly launched Nike Dunks will be collectors and resellers. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are going to really struggle to get your hands on newly launched products.

The resellers of Nike Dunks know that people are willing to spend a whole lot of cash on getting a pair of Nike Dunks. This means that they are able to charge astonishing prices knowing that many people that want these shoes are willing to pay it. In fact, it is believed that the average resale price of Nike Dunks is 350% that of retail and, even at that price, the shoes are selling quickly.

So, if you want to thank somebody for the high prices of Nike Dunks, then you can thank the resellers. They have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the price remains high, which can be a bit annoying for those that want a pair of Nike Dunks.

Sadly, if you want to purchase a pair of Nike Dunks at a decent price, then you have no choice but to keep an eye on the Nike website and hope that you catch them when they go back into stock.